Base Expansion -- Atlantis Outpost (and additional seasons?)

I’m not sure what impact this brainstorm would have on SGG’s financial bottom line, but here we go:

What if the completion of Atlantis on hard mode unlocked a new, smaller base with a handful of building locations? To be forthright: I would like to see the ability to train some of the Atlantis heroes, and only the Atlantis heroes, in-game for low-spending players. Here’s a rundown of how I think it could be implemented:

  1. Unlockable location accessed from the Atlantis map; modify standard stronghold structure with an ‘Atlantis Portal’ feature (strongly resembling the Atlantis summon gate) for quick access
  2. Allow only one training camp to be constructed, and it would have to be leveled just like any other TC
  3. Include one or two building locations for houses to expand recruit capacity

COROLLARY: What of the advent of Atlantis-specific 1* and 2* heroes? It would be nice to change up the scenery a bit – there’s too much Tudan in my life!

  1. To reflect this boost in access to “better” heroes, the associated costs of building construction and training would be increased by 1/6th – just like the gem cost at the summon gate.

Of course, this list of ideas allows for even more modification, prompting the following additional brainstorms:

A) Rather than build an Atlantis-only pool of heroes, make the new training facility its own unique building with the following levels and corresponding research categories:
1 – Advanced Atlantis Fire (as TC 14, but allows for Namahage)
2 – Advanced Atlantis Nature
3 – Advanced Atlantis Ice
4 – Advanced Atlantis Dark
5 – Advanced Atlantis Holy
6 – Atlantis Elite (as TC13, but expanded to include the Atlantis 4* heroes)
7 through 11 – Elite Element-specific (will result in 1* - 4* heroes, randomized accordingly, but with an increased chance of a 4* hero over Atlantis Elite above)
12 – Atlantis Legendary (by now, I think you get the idea)

B) Tie the ability to progress the Atlantis Training Facility to the player’s progress in Season Two, rather than requiring completion of Season Two: ATF 1-5 for unlocking Season 2 access, ATF 6-11 for Easy Mode completion, ATF 12 for Hard Mode completion

And the implications for this carry over to Season Three and any/all other expansions to the game.

Thanks for reading!

I would like to see atlantis heroes come from training camps period I’ve yet to see it.

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