Base crit rate?

Heroes like Melia (and troops) increase crit rate using %.
Can anyone tell me what a normal hero’s crit rate is before anything is adjusted?
Does a 30% increase simply mean a 30% chance of a critical hit or is it a multiplication?

Hope I’ve comunicated my question properly and thank you in advance if you are smart enough to help :slight_smile:

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Yes adds just a 30% Critical to the dmg to the color tile he buffed and the Specialatk. Dont forget to count the crit. troops if you use

I read somewhere that special attacks don’t crit?


That is true. Special attacks do not crit. @Sphinx


Good possible i have not noticed on my ares cause he buffs atk also but sound for me somehow buggy if Special atk not get buffed critical means only % if the Chance to do diuble the dmg

No, when you crit it is shown in the damage. The color of the damage display changes and the text “Crit” is added.


Also the fact that crit does not apply to special attacks is not a bug. It is intended to be this way.

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If you have no crit troops, no crit buff and no crit talent, then your chance to crit is 0%. Everything of those mentioned 3 ways to get a higher crit chances is addes, nothing is multiplied.

If you have no crit troops and no crit talent, and you fire Melia, then you have a 30% chance to crit.
If you have 10% crit troops and you fire Melia, then you have 30%+10%=40% chance to crit.

And with crit talent I mean that in some talent trees there is an option to pick extra crit chance as a talent with emblems.


Then the troops with Critical Rate are worthless on defense teams cause the not act for what they are (i.e Critical chance) on Defense and only the attacker profits from them

Why? Heroes on defense teams also do normal attacks.


I mean for the SpecialAtk. It makes more sense to use the mana troops with high atk for SpecialAtk

Yes I am also a bigger fan of mana troops. Those are the only ones I am leveling right now.

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But normal attack on defence can be critical as well.

Thank you @Schemerlamp :slight_smile:

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Does anyone know the chance of get a critical hit whitout keep in mind troops or emblems?

If it is 0, is it better to emblem to level 20 with the critical chance upgrade if you are going to use critical troops?

Share what you think about this!

Welcome to the Forum! I moved your question to a thread that addressed this question — without any Troop, Emblem, or status effect bonus, the base Critical Chance percentage is simply 0%.

I would say it depends on the intended usage of the Hero, and your alternative options for using the Emblems.

Crit Chance increases are most useful for players who tend to leverage tile damage more than Special Skills, or in game elements where tile damage is paramount, like Titans.

If your lucky too have this reptile he kinda kicks asss

Thank you for the answer! I will do the test when fighting titans and I’ll let you know if these chances affect -as you said- the final damage you do and what amount of crits can you get.

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You might find these interesting too:

If you read those, you’ll understand where this comes from, which is the very specific mathematical answer to your question about the final damage amounts: