Base Building Opportunity Costs (AKA "What is worth giving up to get to HA10?)

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I’ve been working fairly diligently towards HA10, as I would like another avenue to receive Non-S1 Heroes from summons/training.

I’ve been playing F2P for a little over a year now, and have achieved the following
Adv. Iron Str 10, 9+, 1 / Iron Str 20, 20
Adv Food Str 1,1 / Food Str 20,20
Adv Farm 4,1,1 / Farm 20,20,20,20,20,16
Adv Mine 3,1 / Mine 20,20
Training 20,20,19,12
HL 1, Bar 8, Craft 19, AL 5

Recently I’ve found that I’ve been needing a lot more food to manage, maintain, grow my heroes, especially my 5* heroes, and it’s impacting how quickly I can train feeders and ascend heroes.

It will take approximately 90 days to get my 3 existing Adv. farms to level 10.

It will take approximately 257 days to complete all the building upgrades necessary to get to HA10 (+14 days training time).

If I got straight for HA and don’t upgrade my farms first, I lose out on more than 18M food production. :open_mouth:

My thought right now is that getting HA 90 days faster isn’t worth the opportunity cost in Food. Especially considering the lack of food I’m already experiencing.

What do the rest of you think, and what’s your reasoning?

Appreciate you taking the time to be a sounding board. :grin:

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I’ve had HA10 for several months now… In my opinion take your time and finish the farms. Getting HA10 a whole 90 days faster only means you get about 13 more pulls of HA10 to be disappointed in the results… You may get lucky and get a hero you want or need but the odds are against you. So if you do the farms first, at least you have that food for working on your current heroes, or saved up for HA10.

And who knows, maybe in that time SG will come up with a better way to deal with dups and stuff… oh wait, that was my dream last night…


Wow, I’m c2p (vip) and my base isn’t nearly as far as yours lol how does this work as f2p with only one builder?

Edit: end of March I have one year of playing

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I got some free VIP for completing all of the social benefits, so that helped push me forwards. I also maximized my construction time by making sure that buildings were finishing at times when I could access the game (not sleeping, at work, etc…) so I could move directly to upgrading another building.

I expect most people aren’t quite as… efficiency oriented as I am with my base building.

Also my start date was Dec 2019, so im about 3 months further along.

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I started about 25 months ago and still don’t have HA10 up and running despite being very on top of base building.

I used to think I needed all of that food. I upgraded all of my farms. Nowadays I always have excess food until I run TC19 for several days straight every few months. I wish I would have spent less time upgrading them so I could have HA10 more quickly.


I think this adjusting your training levels would be helpful regardless of your decision on farms.

TC-19 is very expensive in terms of hams so most people that use it at all only use it when they have a surplus of hams and nothing to burn them on or an urgent need/desire to level a hero.

TC-12 is guaranteed rare season 1 (3*) hero. That’s another expensive way to get duplicates that I imagine you are only feeding away.

I would suggest running TC-2 instead of 10 if you have enough adventurer packs to do it nonstop (if not, you can farm Atlantis and start doing it after that). This gives you a 1* or 2* every 30 minutes and I find it really helpful with leveling the 5*'s especially. The other one I use is TC-11 because it is cheap in terms of recruits and hams (good place to store recruits) and it provides me with a 1* or 2* every 2 hours.

I played very casually and without much info for close to a year and then switched to CTP just over a year ago. My advanced farms are all at level 2 and I am never short of food to level any heroes or make anything. If I ever need any extra, I just take it from one of my TC-20’s and put the recruits in my TC-11. Of course this is a result of both more efficient feeder production and slower production so my way comes at the expense of speed. As with many things in this game, there are multiple paths to take and benefits as well as costs to any path taken.

Good luck!

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Hi MartyLikesTech,

Sorry, those are the levels that the buildings are upgraded to, not what I’m running.

I am currently running TC20, TC20, TC11, TC11 (can be TC1/2 depending on resource levels, right now they are low)
Up until yesterday I was running TC20, TC11, TC1, TC2 because I was leveling a lot of heroes and was trying to pump out as many feeders as I could.

One of the options I’m considering is just getting HA3 so I can push out lots of 2* heroes to feed when necessary, and then just run cheap training camps to save as much ham as I need. HA3 is really ham intensive though, so not sure that’s a long-term savings?

Maybe getting that set up and then doing the farms, and then coming back to the rest of the support buildings?

I know they’re all going to get done - just a question of the ordering, I think… Unless someone comes in and throws an awesome pitch together for why I should be doing my mines, AL or HL first for some reason…

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Got it, that makes sense. I think you’re doing a great job of setting long-term goals and working towards them. I wish I had known to take similar steps during my first year playing!


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Do your HA10 before farms, the payoff time for ham lost during construction will take over a year, as a f2p or c2p player ha10 has some value especially if you are missing season 1 heroes, people saying longer payoff times probably only need the 5% chance heroes.

Getting Hero Academy to max level is a luxury. It takes a lot of time, effort and resources to build the structure until it is maxed. And even if you already maxed the building, you will find it that the research food cost of any of the available functions there are insanely high. As such, I highly suggest working and maxing on the basic structures and its advanced versions that provide QoL features to the player, i.e. the Farms, the Advanced Farms, the Mines, the Advanced Mines, the Food Storages, the Advanced Food Storages, the Iron Storages, the Advanced Iron Storages and the Watchtower. I also maxed my 4 Forges and 4 Training Camps. Advanced structures like the Alchemy Lab and Hunter’s Lodge are also important. Alchemy Lab allows you to farm for alkashards, which can be converted to ascension materials, emblems or high end battle items, any of which helps you improve further your heroes and gameplay. Hunter’s Lodge also aid you to craft premier battle items against titans and events, which may result to better rewards in events.

Again, maxing Hero Academy is a luxury, ideal only if you have built most structures to their respective maxed levels. You will find more hardships and frustrations maxing it ahead of the other buildings since it requires millions of iron and food and some materials. I mainly use mine to train 3* troops and hoard them for me to level my main troops to higher levels. Hero retraining only has given me classic legendaries, but at least I got 3 of them I previously didn’t have from HA10. Now I only am missing Elena. Still waiting for a non-S1 hero since September 2020, but my HA10 is continuously churning since then, non-stop.

Remember, this game is not a sprint. No true reward is given to those who maxed all structures ahead. Play smartly. Don’t envy other players who have HA10. You don’t know half of what they underwent doing so prioritizing that than their other half-leveled structures.


As someone who raced to HA10, I’m glad I did. But I don’t use food aggressively so even though all my adv farms are at one my food is often full and I have over 80 days stored in a TC20. I don’t power level, I run TC 20-11-11-2 and just feed as they pop out. Currently going to finish HA10 research today and run HA7 alongside it.


Somebody calculated that the advanced farms take months to pay off the initial investment, as the daily gain on food is relatively low. I’d say you can deprioritize the farms, just building them when you lack the iron to start your next building slog. You will need all storages at maximum to be able to build and research HA10.

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Food and iron storages yes, but houses to store recruits just need to be at A9, 16, 16, 16 to hold 300 recruits

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Never really thought of houses as “storages”, even though that’s clearly what they are… Good point.


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