Base attack limits

Hello! :raised_hand: :neutral_face:
I would like to suggest a limit on attacks on bases.
We have an attack limit of 6 … why don’t we have an attack limit ?!

It is very demotivating to attack and only get 60~80 trophies, and just stay offline for 5 hours and you lose more than 150 trophies.

I think this is unfair. I see it as a way to favor only those who have stronger teams.
Where it is not easy to form a strong defense team. We are dependent on the goodwill of YOU to enable events to be able to form mega difficult items of evolution.

I see imbalance in that. If you are going to keep releasing infinite attacks at least give us a simpler way to get the evolution items!

Don’t be angry with me. I am trying hard in the game but the form of management that you currently have for raids and base defenses is disproportionate and discouraging to continue playing … and consequently investing in the game.

Raids favor to attackers, so if you have unlimited raid flags you can climb up very high. So you can do with raid flasks. But without an appropriate defense you can’t keep this position. This is how this system is balanced.

Of course. How otherwise you can rank all the players?

It is also designed to bring you back on-line periodically, so that once flags regenerated you comes back and climb up again.


@SuuriKoira I understand. Even so, I am suggesting a limit to receiving base attacks. That’s just what I think is disproportionate. Just reach a certain amount of trophies that I am attacked by everyone! :frowning:

Oh! I probably see now, what you mean. Like: If you can raid others, say, 20 times a day, your base should be raided not more than same 20 times. Right?

Exact! Or they could limit it to 7 attacks within 24 hours, for example.
Because receiving 12 attacks in less than 10 hours I think a lot.
But it’s just my humble suggestion :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry, but the raids are totally fine.

  1. You only lose the resources your tower produces, which isn’t really that much. So the raids will never stop you from progressing.

  2. If you get attacked too often (and lose), then it’s mostly the case that your trophy count is too high for the strength of your defense team.
    Build a stronger defense team, and the attacks will stop or work in your favor.

  3. Being attacked is actually great. I usually take revenge and fill my raid chest this way.

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I’m happy for you @Evilyn.

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