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Thanks for all the data you’ve gathered! Do you have thoughts on what the “increased chance” means for certain drops? From the data it seems like maybe the drop is doubled relative to other items in its tier? But I think I read somewhere that total items within a certain type (e.g. 1* ascension items) remains the same.

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I think you got it.

The increased chance for any particular 1* crafting item comes at the expense of other 1* crafting items.

The relative odds on that item are doubled in season 1 and season 2 normal leveks, and tripled in season 2 hard levels.

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Atlantis rising, VIP pass loot tickets and It’s Raining Loot Tickets!

Based on rumors, 2.15-9N most left over tickets, most recruits and most 1* heroes.
Based on rumors, 2.6-9N most string, most recruits and most 1* troops.

Based on rumors, 2.4-9N most Rugged Clothes and decent recruits

Click for rumors

30 day VIP Pass
3 daily loot tickets x 30 days= 90 tickets

It’s Raining Loot Tickets!
1000g, 100 tickets, 1we flask

Total tickets= 190

Atlantis Rising

Based on rumors, may change

( 3.5 days x 24 hours x 60 minutes ) / 10 minutes per 1we = 504we

Best for recruits, tickets and 1* heroes
Recruits= 7.5
Battle Manual
Potent Leaves
7we drop rate for 1* Heroes
4we= 126 tickets= 64 left over tickets

Based on rumors, may change

Best for recruits, string and 1* troops
Recruits= 7.5
String !!
Large Bone
3we drop rate for 1* troops
3we= 168 tickets= 22 left over tickets

Based on rumors, may change

Best for Rugged Clothes and recruits
Recruits= 5.10
Rugged Clothes !!
Fine steel ( boosted 3* ingredients significantly reduce chance of other 3* ingredients )
3we= 168 tickets= 22 left over tickets

Based on rumors, may change

Note: This happens because 2.15-9N is only reduced from 7we to 4we, while 2.6-9N is reduced from 6we to 3we. So 2.15-9N gains more loot and costs 42% less energy, but 2.6-9N gains a decent amount of loot AND costs 50% less energy.



What’s your thinking on skipping backpacks, too little WE to be worth the loot tickets?

I’m thinking of autoplaying something in Province 1 Normal for backpacks, and saving Loot Tickets for elsewhere.

Thanks for the quick feedback! So if I farm province 8 season 1 I should get twice as many wooden shields (a favored item) compared to farming most other provinces? (But, the rates of other 2* ascension materials will go down so that my total number of 2* ascension materials is the same.)

Do you think that items within a particular tier (1* ascension, 2* ascension, etc.) have equal drop rates in general? It seems like besides common herbs, that items within a tier all appear to have the very similar drop rates. But it’s kind of hard for me to tell. Moreover, do I even get a better rate on “better” items for farming higher provinces?

Yes. I’ve been involved with this project, and can confirm.

The drop rates of 1-star crafting mats go down (per WE) as the provinces go up, and the drop rates of 2-star crafting mats go up (per WE). The drop rates for all ascension mats, and 3-star & 4-star crafting mats seem to be static across the whole map.

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Correct me if I’m wrong: I think this question is mostly about whether or not it’s truly important to attempt to farm the Hard versions of S2-P1 levels, because the backpack drop rate is higher, but at the same time you don’t have time to play it manually, and it’s too hard to auto-play, right?

If I’m understanding the question correctly, then I suppose it really just depends on how badly you need the backpacks! If your goal is to have a TC2 running constantly, then it’s probably worth using the loot tickets, because you can really never have “enough” backpacks.

That’s why I use Loot Tickets in 2:1-5H during normal times.

I was asking in response to @Gryphonknight’s post about Loot Tickets for various purposes during Atlantis Rises why he covered all major Training Camp and common farming items except backpacks.

I think I know why now.

Oooohhhh, gotcha.

20 ohs

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Play style

Play style

( [Play style, Math] Why I skip Uncommon training and use Low Cost, Extra low cost and Extra fast training [More math, Math Apocalypse] )

Loot tickets

If you can auto play a province, save the loot tickets for the rest of the month.

Click for math

Non Atlantis Rising World Energy

( 30 days - 3.5 days ) * 24 hours * ( 60 minutes / 10 minutes per 1we ) = 3,816we

2.15-8H is 12we
3,816we / 12we= 318 tickets

1.23-11 / 1.23-9 is 7we
3,816we / 7we= 545.14 tickets

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Now we have no data on farming in season 2 with this new set of rules, any opinions on farming during Atlantis?

@jahjah The farming guide linked at the top of this thread has a tab for Atlantis Rises. :slight_smile:


tnx I was unaware of this fact.


Hey. I was wondering if someone know what is the best location to farm in terms of xp in season 2.
Also where is the largest number of monsters in S2 as i read that the more monster the better chance for rare monster is?

If you’re just farming for XP, best is still S1 23-11.

S2 9-10 Easy is 640 xp/flag (1920 xp/3 flags)
S2 15-10 Easy is 547.5 xp/flag (2190 xp/4 flags)

The special monster chance varies by province.


Yeah, i’m playing 23-11 all the time, Thanks for S2 levels.

Got a holy wanted chest, any idea which season 2 stage has the most holy monsters? Would prefer to fill it in S2 of course with AR active.


Edited; added 10-4

Stages with all yellow minions:

  • 10-4 [AR cost: 4]
  • 11-3, 11-7 [AR cost: 4] (combos with Kirin boss mission)
  • 13-1 [AR cost: 4] (combos with Gashadokuro boss mission)
  • 15-4 [AR cost: 4] (if you are low on firestones for any reason, a good stage for them)

All of them Normal difficulty.

EDIT: 18-4 has all yellow enemies and increased chances of nuggets, but costs 5 energy. So I didn’t recommend it because of that.


Now that we have Atlantis rising during Atlantis summon, and season 2 only cost 3 flags, which levels have the most monsters to fill chests please?

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3-4 on normal mode. Aside from being great for monsters, it’s also great for the red elemental chest, and for the Steg boss mission.


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