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Oh yeah, totally, I DO want the hero data. Just saying I don’t think combining it with the recruit data in the results page makes sense. I prefer them separated, so I can do my own calculations based on my own training camp strategy.


Does using tickets affects drop rate? My mate tested x100 on 8.7, once without tickets and once using only them, and seems to get way less farmable items (20-30%) less. Is it just bad luck or anyone tested as well?

I’ve heard that theory before. My initial reaction was to dismiss it, because why would that be so? But your question here, combined with my need to procrastinate at work, led me to run some numbers.

I’ve only done calculations for recruits so far, which I realize is different from the type of loot you’re asking about, but the other time I heard this theory it was in reference to recruit drops rather than ingredients/materials, and I assume the data for recruits can be used as a proxy for the data for ingredients/mats.

I may do something similar for ings/mats shortly (depending on how much my clients bother me for the next hour), but for now here’s what I found with recruit drops:

  • S1-P8-L4:
  1. 16 runs without using loot tickets yielded 6.9 recruits per run
  2. 27 runs in loot ticket batches yielded 7.1 recruits per run
  • S1-P8-L7:
  1. 294 runs without using loot tickets yielded 9.0 recruits per run
  2. 42 runs in loot ticket batches yielded 9.1 recruits per run
  • S1-P12-L9:
  1. 29 runs without using loot tickets yielded 9.9 recruits per run
  2. 15 runs in loot ticket batches yielded 9.7 recruits per run
  • S2-P11-L10H:
  1. 31 runs without using loot tickets yielded 18.0 recruits per run
  2. 43 runs in loot ticket batches yielded 18.3 recruits per run

Those are all the levels for which I have enough runs of both types to be useful, but they do seem to demonstrate that there’s no meaningful difference.

I’ll post again later if I have time to run similar numbers for ings/mats.


Thanks for reply, but yes, i meant mats. Everything else than recruits cause they seems to be quite equal each run.

Well, I just ran those numbers too (as well as hero and troop drops). I’m not going to go through each one like I did with recruits above, but here’s a summary:

1* ascension mats: 0.20 more per WE in normal runs
2* ascension mats: 0.21 more per WE in loot ticket runs
3* ascension mats: 0.01 more per WE in loot ticket runs
1* ingredients: 0.04 more per WE in loot ticket runs
2* ingredients: 0.14 more per WE in normal runs
3* ingredients: 0.11 more per WE in normal runs
4* ingredients: 0.02 more per WE in loot ticket runs
1* troops: 0.06 more per WE in normal runs
2* troops: 0.002 more per WE in normal runs
1* heroes: 0.11 more per WE in loot ticket runs
2* heroes: 0.04 more per WE in normal runs

Conclusion: It doesn’t make a difference.


Thank you very much for your efford!

No problem!


Hi @BarryWuzHere
I believe there is an error in your spreadsheet. Best level for food in S1 is shown as 13-6. But according to the same data 17-1 gives better value: 693 vs 664.

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@Osmin, thank you.

Edit: Yes, there was a significant error in my spreadsheet, half of the S1 levels were excluded from the “Normal Levels” results.

FYI, I chose not to show S1 only or S2 only best results, instead showing the best levels in three ranges of difficulty for players, based on what their team can farm / auto-farm:

  • Low Level, arbitrarily cut off at anything that only takes 3WE to complete
  • Normal levels, which is all of S1 plus S2 Normal
  • S2 Hard levels (since there are no S1 hard levels!)

Levels can be divided up in other ways, and I even did it on some buried parts of the spreadsheet, but I wanted to keep this to information that will help people figure out where they can farm for stuff they want.


@BarryWuzHere great resource! Thanks for taking up the mantle from Mai and hotdamnmess and for providing the community with this great resource!

Question/suggestion for you: is Mai’s information on best levels for filling Elemental chests still accurate (as far as you can tell) as seen in this thread: Mai's Guide to Efficient Farming – List of best lvls to farm monster, different resources, wanted missions and XP

Probably not something you’ve been looking at, but it might be a great idea to add her data on best levels for filling elemental chests just as another quick data point to look at.

Keep up the good work!

I’m not 100% on this, but I think Barry’s been keeping an eye on that, and the only S2 level that’s made itself useful is 3-8, for reds.

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One sheet is my favorite levels to farm for specific things, mostly driven by the data… (See “Barry’s Fave Farming”) I didn’t check to see how well it matches to Mai’s old list.

I probably should add a S2 level for farming fire chests to that list.


Loot tickets

This breaks down with loot tickets. If I can get 34 recruits ( 33-35 ) for 12we and 1 loot ticket, that is better than 9 recruits ( 8-10 ) for 3we and 1 loot ticket.

Atlantis rising

Rumor in Beta- Instead of unlocking provinces in Season 2 for each Atlantis Summons, during each Atlantis Summons each Season 2 stage will be -X world energy and +Y% loot. If true, that would make Season 2 much more attractive for recruits. I have already put together a Melendor, Wilbur, Boldtusk, Proteus, Rigard team for auto play farming 2.15-9N in case this rumor is true.


True, but don’t forget to include hero/troop drops in the equation. My data (which suffers from small sample issues in the S2H levels, but not enough to offset what I’m seeing entirely) is that hero/troop drops rates are roughly double in S1 provinces 6 - 8 compared to the S2H provinces in aggregate.

I’ve been hearing this too. It seems clear that, if this holds in live production, it’ll be obviously better to farm those S2 levels for the period of time when it’s active. I’m skeptical it’ll end up being as good as it currently is in beta though. We’ll see…!


Oh, but also, it’s pretty rare that anyone would ever feel the need to use loot tickets in S1 provinces 6 - 8…


I think this is a compromise for the Devs.

Instead of giving all accounts with Season 2 unlocked a huge Hero XP advantage over other players, Season 2 is roughly the same.

Loot tickets

Season 2 gives players an advantage for loot tickets.

Similar to my preferred auto play farming being 1.7-7 for most recruits, 1* / 2* heroes and 1* / 2* troops per auto play hour.

Atlantis rising

But if 3.5 days out of each month, Season 2 is substantially better, people will try to unlock Season 2, upgrade their hero teams, buy VIP, buy loot tickets and by world energy. Generating IAP for the game studio.

Very similar to Challenge events lasting 3.5 days.


Gotcha, makes sense! Well now I can let myself give in to the excitement, haha!

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I might be wrong, but I think that xp per energy is actually quite low in s2 in order to keep levels in check.

There is no meaningful high-level-mechanic in the game currently so there is no point in letting players’ levels skyrocket.

I agree.

I find it interesting that 2.23-9 and 2.23-11 are still best stages for player XP.

It appears the Devs want lower provinces in Seasons 1-3 ( 3 unreleased) to be available to many accounts.

With the highest provinces needing good 4*+15 or 5* 4.80 heroes.


I’ve done it before, even though I can can autofarm it (and probably autofarm the rest of S1 and a lot of S2 as well), not because the levels are difficult or to save on battle items though.

I’ve done it because I wanted to finish a monster chest and I was at risk of falling asleep halfway through!


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