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I’m 99.9% sure that 18-2 is the best place for masks. It actually completed before the dusk sprite mission for me (and i started both at the same time), which almost never happens. The boss avatars have always been faster before, in my recollection.


Yeah, I can get to the other tabs but the Elemental Chest tab hasn’t loaded for me in over a week!

I’m using the original link and I’ve tried it on multiple browsers.

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What are the best places for elemental chests? Ice in particular. That tab is stuck in “Loading…”.

Go for s1 8-7. You will never be sorry


During AR, ice: 8-4N


According to the file, best levels for farming recruits are 6-8 and 8-7 of S1. But I find better 12-9.

Keep in mind that 12-9 require 4 flags instead of 3. You must compare the troops per flag.


I really use this guide a lot. It’s absolutely great. Is there a schedule for updating the S3 missions?

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The schedule for updating missions is after I get my computer fixed :confused:

That said, I can make good recommendations of what the fully data driven answers will point to as efgicient farming levels.

  1. S3:19-6N — Finish the realm mission and collect some cursed Viking masks.
  2. S3:18-2N — collect both dusk sprites And Viking masks.
  3. I don’t think you’ll go wrong staying there to finish either mission after the other is done.

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