Barry Farmz Here -- Comprehensive data driven farming guide for Season 3, Season 2, Season 1, Elemental Chests, Atlantis Rises, Missions, and more

I am obviously auto farming but just want 3 coins, it’s literally all I want. I want 1 summon. I can’t see me finishing Epic so I need to do it this way lol.

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Normal troop drop rates are around or a bit under half hero drop rates, at least for provinces/stages that have troops … and I’ve not seen any data indicating that troops/run vary other than having a few provinces where they are impossible.

Consequently I’m very confident thag 600 runs and no troops means never.

(Yes, troops/WE vary ant you still get 50% more during AR)

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I just checked that to be sure. Yes, no troops whatsoever.

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Hahaha Rare Stage 3 on autofarm just got me a new high score - amazing!


Thats what I’m doing right now. Figure do this while I’m at work and can’t actually play.
Want those coins!

Looking at Rare-3 quickly, it looks like 3 mat rolls total. Could get two crafting and one ascension, or one crafting and two ascension. Not sure if you can get a 3/0 split. So it’s slightly better than farming 8-7 in that regard, but not much.

Really, this is the only selling point for me, and the only reason I’m running Rare-3 instead of 8-7.

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Same. It’s all about the coins right now. Not just for the event summon, but for the additional chance at the HotM.

What is the best team to autofarm it fast?

Assuming you mean the 1 WE Rare-3 stage, I would recommend some combination of emblemed snipers. My Namahage+14 can kill any monster in one hit. Unemblemed 3*s will leave a little health which will slow things down (they can one-shot on Rare-1). I got my current high score on Rare-3 autofarming with some 3/2 combination of red and yellow heroes. I think I had three yellow because of Merlin, and also to help with the blue monsters in the first two waves.


I used 2x Rudolph, 2x Hisan, and Melia autofarming and never had an issue. They mostly 1-shotted the mob monsters on rare-3

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I have six accounts in the same alliance. I’m no stranger to computers, but I’m unfamiliar with how to gather the data from my farming runs to contribute.
I would be happy to gather this data, if someone can explain to me or show me how.

Depending on what chest you need, any of the three cheapest rare stages may be helpful - depending on elements.

When I get an elemental chest, I make sure to check the various special things going on such as quests, events, and trials. While one shouldn’t use the later stages of trials solely to fill chests, it does help if it something you plan on doing anyway.

Nice just got me a nature chest! :slight_smile: was hoping there be one on an Atlantis level

Thank you very much man

Great work!

So if I use loot tickets and I want to maximize my ticket where can i find maximum Foo
For example?

Hi Barry.

Thanks so much for the very useful spreadsheet. I use it as a guide for S2 farming.

It’s now Atlantis rises and I’m confused. You have the best level for recruits listed as S2 15- 9 N. The No. of recruits per WE is given as 7.583. My average appears to be closer to 3. Around 12-13 recruits per run, 4 WE per run. Over 10 runs or so.

Is this an error, or have I misunderstood the spreadsheet.

Thanks again for your great sheet.

EDIT: I mixed up monsters and recruits. It’s been a long week! Apologies.


That is wrong. Bug?

28 recruits is the minimum, 31 is the maximum.


You keep using that word. I don’t think it means what you think it means…


With regards to the excel sheet data…

It is stated there that the best place to farm for Backpacks is Season 2 (Atlantis) - 1-8 Hard.

Is this true only for Atlantis Rises or true for all situation be it during Atlantis Rises or without Atlantis Rises?

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My brain is discombobulated because…
You killed my father.


You can check this on the spreadsheet.
Normal Atlantis and Atlantis Rises have separate tabs.