Barry Farmz Here -- Comprehensive data driven farming guide for Season 3, Season 2, Season 1, Elemental Chests, Atlantis Rises, Missions, and more

It’s a general observation based on approximately 15 batches of five. Then I stopped using batches and did single tickets with a higher yield. So it’s in no means a great sample size, but the difference in yield of backpacks was big enough for me to regret doing batches.
Regarding bottles I’m speaking about World Energy bottles. I have 39 WE so I generally do 5 runs (2-1-9 H) and then one 2-1-9E for each bottle.

First, 3* mats (midnight roots) are slightly different than 4* mats (orichalcum nuggets)

Second there are levels that are best for any specific mat, including 3* and 4* mats … and there are levels that have the most total 3* and 4* mats (which happen to be the same)

Personally I find it more productive to farm for general 3* or 4* mats than a specific one, at least most of the time, and especially during Atlantis Rises. Your situation may differ.


I’m really looking for the best place to farm roots in general, they seem to be my most needed 3* mat. I think from the guides I’ve seen 12/9 season 2 seems good. Unfortunately everytime I go to your awesome sheet it crashes me back out after 10 secs or so.

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As we approach another Atlantis Rising, my third, I’d like to give a huge shout out to YOU and all your contributors and collaborators.

Easy to read, easy to find answers to farming questions. A truly comprehensive resource.

I hearby proclaim you

Knight Barry of the Farmz,

And Grant upon you all Tabbards and Rings, as you should wish, with Tonics to enhance your health, and Scopes to Dart those who might try to usurp you.

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Hey all, I just wanted to share a sheet I worked on with Barry’s data that I think is helpful.

FarmData GS.xlsx - Google Drive

This is taking the most recent raw data (from today, 8.21) and sorts it in to filtered fields, and two of those fields are weighted scores for each level. I kept only what I feel are the relevant farming items, and I created a weighting system so you can figure out your own favorite farming spots based on your desires. Change the values in the Green cells to create your own weight values, then sort by either “WeightedOverall” or “WeightedKits” (WeightedKits increased the weight value of the Adventerer’s Kits by 50%). The weighted scores are useful for not only finding, for example, the level with the best AK drop, but the level with the best AK drop and also higher than average recruit drops.

Other fun and useful things you can do are sorting by any a stat of your choice and filtering out stats. I like to filter out all levels with less than X runs to get larger sample sizes.

I haven’t used Google Sheets too much, so I’m not sure if any one can change the values for themselves, or if they need to make a copy first and then change things as they see fit. If people find this as useful as I do, feel free to take this page, Barry, and use it in your living sheet.


I have a suggestion,
First i must thank you for this sheet, i use it alot during AR.
And i think it will help alot to add a color to special stages number
So we will be able to onow if it dance for, underwater ext without going to check in game.
It will be easier to find stages u want to do for chests or mission.
Anyhow it will make my life easier lol.



Are you tracking the Loot rolls for Challenge events stages?

For 1 world energy, Rare Stage 3 ( R3 ) has 975 PXP, 3 recruits and 3 combined ascension items/ ingredients loot rolls.

Plus 0x to 2x 1* / 2* heroes.
The first two loot rolls appear to be ingredients only with the third being combined ingredients/ ascension items.


I haven’t tried to track challenge event farming before … but it might be worth doing now that they are here longer and have some things worth farming for.


Wish list: best place to farm challenge event token…


I have been doing the first 5 or 6 on rare over and over again, varying it up on each… so far i have used about 2 whole WE on redoes, and no coins :frowning:

I have 7 coins total: 3 for completing Rare. 3 were from my regular play through on Rare and the 7th was from an Epic stage.

I also haven’t been tracking, but it seems like kind of a no-brainer that farming stage 3 of the rare event is a good move. Other than during Atlantis Rising (which obviously won’t ever overlap with a challenge event):

  • Highest XP/WE available anywhere
  • Tied for highest recruits/WE
  • Cheapest way to fill a monster chest
  • Highest crafting mats per WE available anywhere (I think so, anyway. It’s 2 crafting mat rolls per run for every event stage, right?)
  • Not terribly far off from highest ascension mats per WE available anywhere (I think so, anyway. It’s 1 crafting mat roll per run for every event stage, right?)
  • I think you get more feeder heroes per WE than anywhere else too, but that’s purely anecdotal
  • No idea on troop drop rate. Is it 0%?
  • Non-zero chance of event summon coins dropping

Only problem with farming Rare-3 might be slowness. @Pois1 mentioned in Barry’s farming group chat on Line that it took under 1:30 on average to farm that level, but I’m not sure if he meant auto-play farming, or manual farming. And personally, I have a hard time imagining my team of emblem-free 3-star heroes doing it that quickly on auto-play. I’ll do some testing and report back when I can. Pretty busy week at work though, so I might not have useful info during this event. Will do my best…


I meant autoplay, my heroes have no emblems and only level 1 troops.
Hisan, Rudolph, Namahage, Arman, Muggy.

I trained those heroes especially for this stage in advance.
It takes roughly 2 hours to use all my WE (53). I get over 60,000 XP every time I do that.
My current number of runs in Rare-3 stage is 600.


When I do the first stage of Rare for autoplay with the setup I complete with, it varies between 1:20 and 3:30 for me lol. 3:30 has only happened once that I have seen, but wow

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How many coins have you got from all those reruns?

I got 16 coins in 600 runs.


SO that is 1 coin for every 37 or 38 play throughs… oh fun. I need to do what, about 150 to be safe… I only need 3 lol. Can we receive these tokens from Wanted Missions whilst the event is happening?

Awesome! And thanks! I’ll be auto-farming while working the rest of today/tomorrow then. =-]

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Well, I am not doing it for coins, that would be crazy. In fact the (chests-coins) are slowing the whole farming down :-). I excluded the runs containing suspicious chest from the average time on autoplay to finish the level calculation.

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AFAIK you can’t get a troop from farming Rare-3. Lots of 1* heroes though. Lots.