Barry Farmz Here -- Comprehensive data driven farming guide for Season 3, Season 2, Season 1, Elemental Chests, Atlantis Rises, Missions, and more

Sorry I can’t help you there. My knowledge of spreadsheets is very limited

I’m going to go out on a limb and speculate what might have happened - looks like Barry might have been up to his eyeballs in the S2 “Atlantis Rise” corrections and then S3 dropped? But either way, the “new” re-calc sheet of S2 seems to missing a lot of stuff that’s necessary to populate the summary sheet.

What would be helpful from a forensic perspective is to get some background about when work stopped on the sheets, when the folks involved stopped collecting data (e.g., was there any effort to do a data collection for S4?) Because I think at this point one of the reasons nobody fixes this library is that there is a recognition that it can’t be sustained for future season / season event releases. But it might be possible to design a model that is more easily scalable so that future seasons / event could be bolted on without the need to reinvent the wheel and rehash old code manually. Just thinking out loud a bit. Funny how I come here to see where to farm an elemental chest during AR and end up getting way sidetracked. I am signing off for now but will try to come back before my next elemental chest pops up!

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Seems like we’ve got someone who’s both interested in, and capable of, resurrecting the S1 and S2 parts of your sheets. If you still drop by 'round these parts from time to time, maybe you can transition stuff over?

The topic says it all.
If anyone has any idea or can guide me to a link, please share.
Thanks in advance!

Main topic does not mention season 4


I am looking for S4 best stage for various items. If it doesn’t have S4, then no additional value (it does have great value as is for S2 & S3)

Once its updated iy lt will be in that thread.

Is there a resource that tells you how much XP you get for each of the stages of each quest?

More specifically, does anyone know how much XP is given for last level (WE 8, token reward) for scavenge resources?

Trying to do it without leveling up yet :crossed_fingers:t2:

Thanks in advance

I use this when I’m looking for xp or relevant info for quests.



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Hey guys! I have been looking around for similar data driven farming guide for Season 4 but couldn’t find them. The best I stumbled upon is a partial of data collection for Season 4 (S4) farming but unfortunately without much help in the data collection, things have stopped halfway.

I believe many of us (including myself) are eager to know what are the NEW best levels to farm for each resources and items. Or what levels are best to fill chest in S4 especially with the upcoming Tremors of Underwild with reduced WE for S4. One of the level in S4 could very well be the nugget mine, who knows.

I am not sure if currently there is anyone else working on the comprehensive data for Season 4 loots. I am thinking of continuing the legacy of these legends. I have communicated with @The_Seeker and obtained consent on edit rights of the doc (thanks for the effort :beers:). It’s pretty much similar to Barry’s model but i have made it simpler. Anyway, for this project to be successful ASAP, it requires TEAM EFFORT. To prevent any error, I am willing to be the only clerk to extract the data and edit the spreadsheet if there are sufficient support from the community. All i need is 2 things (at Line, not here)

  1. Screen recording of the loot (scroll to show all items)
  2. Monster count

Anyone who wishes to help with the S4 farming data collection and contribute to this community, please contact me at :grin:LineID je3zy :smile:. Let’s work together on this great cause :muscle:

P.S: I will continue on with S5 if there are enough support from y’all legends :sunglasses:


Thanks @J_3ezy ! Hope you manage to get more contributors, for sure a lot of the community needs it, but effort is also required :slight_smile:

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Hi, thanks for the initiative! About the 1st point. Wouldn’t several screenshots (probably up to 3) do it also (instead of screen recording)?

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Hey Nal. That could work as well but you’ll have to send 3 of them and separate it with monster count to help make things easier. It would take extra time if i have to sort them out. Something like this.

*3 photos
*3 photos
*3 photos

If it’s screen recording, you can bulk send them. For same provinces, the order of monster count doesn’t matter because I’ll average them in the end.

*3 screen recording
*15, 15, 14

If it’s different province, you’ll have to specify it.

*3 screen recording
*S4:10-1 = 15, 15
*S4:10-4 = 14

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Hum I see. I didn’t know the recording was meant to be all the stage (so to see the monster count). That’s not gonna be easy to compile and extract data from all of them do… Pretty tidious work… Thanks again for doing that.

Nono don’t have to record the entire battle. Just the loot page to scroll the items so i can see all of the items. You can count the number of monsters manually and just drop a message.


Were do we send screenshots?

Is there a master list started for S.4? I assumed with Barry out of the picture, there wasn’t much point in collecting data :thinking:

Hey @Shadowdancer you can send them to me at line. LineID: je3zy
I am sure this data will be useful for you to select which level to farm for which resources during the upcoming Tremors of Underwild, an event with reduced WE for S4.
I will start a new thread for this project and share the spreadsheet there. But things might move slower since there have not been many samaritan that is participating in the data collection.

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Hey guys i’ve created a new thread for this project. Shared the spreadsheet link. Anyone who wishes to help with the farming data collection and contribute to this community, please contact me at Line [LineID: je3zy]. Let’s work together on this great cause

Season 3 (Prov 16H - 36H) & Season 4 Farming Guide / Best Levels to farm [Data Driven]

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Cześć, czy będzie aktualizacja z sezonem 4? :wink: