Barry Farmz Here -- Comprehensive data driven farming guide for Season 3, Season 2, Season 1, Elemental Chests, Atlantis Rises, Missions, and more

More that it is nearly worthless than actually broken I suspect.

  1. Odds of any crafting material being a 3* mat are quite low, which means that when randomness is added you get bursts of nothing and bursts of good luck quite frequently.
  2. “Increased chances” aren’t as impressive as they sound. For normal levels, that is twice the odds … at the expense of other 3* crafting items and hard levels are triple … again at the expense of other 3* items.

Pulling examples from my farming sheet:

  • S1:5-8 – Baseline good farming – you can expect to spend 27WE / 9 runs there and get one of each 3* crafting item, including fine steel and midnight roots
  • S2:12-6H – Best midnight root farming: you can expect to spend 14.6WE / 1.33 runs to get one root … but 43.7WE / 3.97 runs for one fine steel
  • S2:4-3H – Best fine steel farming: you can expect to spend 14.1WE / 1.41 runs to get one steel … but 42.2WE / 4.22 runs to get one root.

And in any of those cases, you will see big variations from those average numbers if you only do that much farming. If you tabulate it over say, 500-1000WE (a week or two of farming all your spare WE), you really should see something close to those averages.


It might be that the data mined is insufficient, look for those which already had more than 100 run(data).

For example, my 5☆ from TC20 rate was merely 1% at 30 data, but now that I have collected 134 data, it stand at 4.5%.

For so much effort put into a feature, worthless and broken could be the same thing. Or, this many revisions into the product it may have a percieved $ value to not fix the issue and incentivize more paying.

Thanks for providing a straight up answer, too bad it was hidden amongts tones of comments I had to read to get what I was looking for.

This is probably too late to help you, but…

  • You didn’t have to read! Barry’s guide, which is linked in the main post above, shows best levels to farm for Elemental Chests
  • Unfortunately, 18-10 is not among the best levels for filling Holy chests…
  • If it’s not actually already too late, you want S1, level 10-6.

RNG waited until I quit my alliance so I cannot brag there.

But for loot roll analysis I am posting here.

First run this morning got 9x Kits/ backpacks on a single ( 1x ) run for 2.1-8H .

With a drop rate of 0.35 per 1 we, and 9-11 ascension item rolls per run, that will be hard to beat.

But I have faith someone will do it. Because. Grindy. So. Very. Grindy.


I thought it was here but I can’t find it anymore.

Where can I find the absolute value of experience per level for season 2 hard?

Here it is…

EDIT: Thats not absolute value of experience, I do not know how to calculate to get absolute value. My bad :sweat_smile:


That is Player XP per world energy so just multiply the number on the spreadsheet by the energy

1.23-11 is 405 PXP / 1 we
7 we ( 1.23-11 ) x405 = 2,835 PXP / run


@Kerpen, There isn’t currently a sheet with exactly what you want, because in most circumstances, people want to farm efficiently which means getting the best farming per world energy flag.

I did have at least one person ask for that during Atlantis Rises so they could get the best loot per run so they could beat use limited loot tickets, as apparently they had an excess of WE flasks in inventory, so I made a tab with that information in one of my sheets for them. See AR Data per Run (Loot Ticket) tab of this sheet

If you want to know about a specific level outside Atlantis Rises, I recommend doing multiplication like @Gryphonknight suggested.

If there is a real reason you need the data for all levels, it is a simple calculation and I can make a sheet for that someplace.


Thanks, it can indeed be done with the multiplier.
I needed it to time level up with we and titan attacks :slight_smile:

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:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: laughing out loud

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I can’t open the document today

Can anyone tell me the XP for Atlantis 27:9 hard?

Thanks muchly

4550 XP per run, or 325 XP/WE

The files are loading fine for me.


Thanks Barry

I normally have no problem, probably a gremlin at my end.

Hey @BarryWuzHere , I just realized I’m a little confused by your spreadsheet. Why is the data between the “Atlantis Rises” tab and the “All levels” tab inconsistent?

All Level means at normal days, not in Atlantis Rises.

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Oops thanks!

FYI 2:22-6 is listed way later on Barry’s list of levels for the Underwater quest bc of the WE to complete, but I would rank it way higher for recruit-hunters, esp during Atlantis Rises when it’s not even that much energy- it’s just so much better compared to the others for recruits.

That’s why I provide the info about both WE to complete and recruits. So you can pick which matters more to you.

Since the list is for the missions, the primary search is WE cost.

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There is an XP table with reduced Atlantis. I heard that 9.10 Season 2 better for XP. Where can I view?