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  • 2:3-4 Normal to fill fire chests

I haven’t found the stages with nature, ice, or dark monsters only in S2 yet, but I imagine there are some.

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I’ve seen this suggested:


From Boolz guide, the below are good Season 2 spots for filling elemental chests. I think the last area of Atlantis that opened was not available at the time. I just used 10.5 for a holy chest and it filled quickly.

Fire 3.4. 3.8. 14.3

Nature 9.10

Ice 8.4

Holy 10.5. 17.6 17.10 18.1

Dark 5.2 5.8


Dark monsters I’m pretty sure that 7-4 from season 1 is still the best one for monster count, even with Atlantis rises.

Unless you want to combo it with another mission or materials… that may be worth looking into. 4-5 is nice if you need rugged clothes and for the magic night mission.

The stages I’ve noted for those other:

Ice: Even before AR I did 8-4, because it combos with the Steg. boss mission.

Nature: 9-10 has a lot of green enemies and is great for the privateer mission as well. However if you’re looking for the Kappa mission, then you do 13-2 (more green enemies) or 14-9 (combos with Gashadokuro as well). If you’re looking for the Atlantis drones and Gadeirus, you do 25-1

I think it’s also dependent on what missions you want to do, or if you care about them at all.

It may be more effective to also look at what materials you need, as I feel that should be more important when Atlantis Rises, than quickly filling the elemental chest. No such thing as “too many materials” imo especially if the alchemy lab building is on the way and will make all those that you don’t use into something else.


How is it with color monster killing? I have a yellow chest and I’m thinking that it would be great to fight somewhere in Atlantis, now that the cost ia reduced. Do you have an idea where the best monsters/flags ratio is in season 2?

See this link.

Check out my previous reply to this post regarding yellow monsters:


9-4 is better for nature, I think. More recruits and more monsters.

Thank you very much. I’ll get right on it!

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I’d say 25-1 since it has 5 waves.


What’s the overall best level to use loot tickets on? I am talking recruits, loot (I always need crude iron and dragon bones), don’t mind the monster count too much, I have 90+ WE flasks :wink: . And, ofcouse for atlantis coins, it seems the hard levels will give more from the cryptic answers from the devs I read somewhere.

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How on earth do you folks stockpile so many WE flasks???

Also, I hate you. (please, this is not serious)


I don’t use them often and with the monthly events I always get more than I use, so after 2 years I got a lot of them :wink:


I envy you so much. For me the WE flask is the game’s top item.

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That is because you are AWESOME!

Thanks for spending all your world energy flasks and posting you data. @Petri you should add a new flask “Pois1 flask” that gives you 96 world energy ( and can temporarily exceed your maximum world energy). I would buy a ton just for Atlantis Rising.


I try to do a lot of farming and I have heard so many different places that are good for farming and I was just wondering if anyone ever did any research and found out what is the best overall place to farm between season 1 and 2 or does it really depend on just what you’re farming for? Well if anyone happened to do any research between season 1 and 2 and found a nice little fishing hole I would like to know. Thank you

@Vito342 I moved your question to a thread that can help answer it. :slight_smile:

The guide linked at the top of this thread is the best and most updated one at this point, and is being continually updated with more data.

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okay I appreciate it

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18 10 gives 15/16 Holy

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Do the samples of loot you may find when entering a level come from an actual distribution? I’ve been curious if the possible loot displayed are seeded in the same was the actual loot is. (Super stats nerd here.)

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