Barracks stopped on 13 despite of having castle on 14th level


I have Polish version so sorry for my mistranslations. I have noticed before Christmas update that my barracks disallow me to invent 14th level of training heros therefore I cannot produce heroes higher than 13th lvl. My castle is 14th lvl and I am confused.

Please help.
IPhone 6 up to date
Game version 1.9.2 build 259


Hi again
This is not a bug I should have upgrade barracks to 14th lvl so it is my fault. The case can be closed. Sorry for messing up in forum you can delete this post.



@Pilajajamuharata Please don’t put your account # on the forum .



Thanks for warning me.

Ok. I had no idea. If it is so important to keep it in private it would be
nice to notify all users about it in the only place where i could spot
it… in the game interface.

By the way I needn’t have written the post as it was my wrong
interpretation of desired achievement. All is fine now, so to keep my
sensitive data safe please feel free to delete entire topic which I have
started it brings no value to the users anyway.

Sorry for bothering you all guys.



I can’t delete it. I’m only a player. But edit your first post to remove your account number


I got it. :wink:

Gonna close this, since it is solved.