Barracks issue


I don’t have a barracks and it isn’t an option to build one :woman_shrugging: I’ve looked for the update but there isn’t one. Or am I doing something wrong??? Help please :blush:


The latest version of the game is 1.5.1. If you are up to date and click on any building that is at a level 5 or greater, you should see an option to convert. From your screenshot it looks like you have already done this, so I would say you have a bug on your hands. You can email them at, just make sure to give them your account number from the about screen. Hope this helps, good luck!


You need a stronghold level of 10 to convert to a barracks.


Whoops, forgot that part. Thanks!


It also won’t work if you’re currently building anything.


Let us know if you still need more help Strowberryfair!


Also, do NOT convert an iron storage unit to barracks! You will be screwed at SH level 13 because you will not be able to store enough iron to go to 14 and will not be allowed to build more Orion storage units!


Many folks use an excess Forge for the barracks building conversion. :wink: