Barracks instead of Farmbuilding Slot



I upgraded the Castle to lvl 5. That gave me 4 new Slots. 2 for the Storage & Barrack type of buildings and 2 for Farms etc. Unfortunately/accidently I build a barrack on a slot for farmbuildings.
I used the “move building somewhere” function to free the the slot from the barrack, but when I did, there only appeared another slot just for barracks, storage and smithy where there has been a slot farming before.

The resultat is: Instead of having 2 slots/farming, 2 slots/barrack…etc now I have 1slot/farming and 3 slot/barracks…etc.

Or can you just add more farm at lvl 5?

greetings and thank you


There is no choice on what you can build. Every time 4 new spots open there are 4 specific buildings you can build on those slots. You can only choose what order to build them in. You can’t build more or less farms even if you wanted to.

When you say barracks, you mean training camp, right? Barracks is a building you can convert an existing building to, when you stronghold reaches level 10. The best one to convert is a forge, as you will have plenty of forges and they will never all be busy.


Exactly, you can’t choose what to build.
You have 3 of a kind and 1 of another because the game give that to you. And the buildings are the same in the same order for all the players.

You do nothing wrong, that’s the way it must be.


As Arien said, when you get to that point, convert a forge into a barracks. Otherwise the choice is an illusion, you can’t mess it up.


Here is a list of what opens up at each level. You will see the full list of buildings that will go in that type of building lot, but invalid options will be greyed out. For more details about each building go visit Coppersky’s Compendium :grinning:

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Well, Thank you very much for your answers.


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I just had a situation something similar this morning. After updating the stronghold to lvl 5, I’ve created two new farms and start upgrading them. While one of the upgrade was in progress I wanted to relocate the farm. Because the relocation spot was one used for training/storage buildings I ended up with a training building of the same level. I, thus, lost a valuable farm spot.

Can this be fixed?


Yes, if you converted a spot into a Barracks, you can UNconvert it to get your farm building back.

I recommend you use a spare Forge to convert into a Barracks: