Barracks conversion and re-conversion

So my barracks is still lvl 1 but don’t have resources or troops to do much there after leveling up what I could. I converted it back to whatever for free and I can convert it back to barracks for free when I have the resources and/or troops. My question…if the barracks is higher than lvl 1 would it still be that level if I switched it or would it go back to level 1 and I have to level it up again? And if anyone is curious, yes, your troops are still at the level they were before you converted back to original building.


Yes, if you lvl up your Barracks to lvl 2 or 3 etc, then reconvert the building away for awhile, when you convert again to a Barracks, your lvls will be there. No worries.


Thanks Rook! “Post must be at least 20 characters”. That’s funny

You also don’t have to keep converting the same building. If you build over a different building than you originally did, the levels will be there as well. Great for people that realized that they don’t gain the benefits of the original building while that space is being used as a barracks! As well, note that you can’t convert to or from the barracks if your builder is busy.


What happens to the troops lodged in the barracks? If I have a bunch of 1* sitting in the barracks waiting for surplus hams to be fed to them and say a double set of “good troops” for use when doubling colors…what happens if I convert my barracks to the farm of the original building and then convert maybe a forge to barracks? Will I still find them all sitting there waiting for me?

They will still be there

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Yup. Remember folks, you start getting troops from map levels and other rewards before you ever build a barracks. They’re in inventory basically. The barracks are just for training them, not storing them like recruits.


I converted one forge into a barrack, when I tried to convert another building into a barrack it won’t allow me to. Any suggestions…

You just need one barracks.

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Thank you so much. Have a great evening.

Another point (I couldn’t find anywhere in the forum…) is you’re committed for the 250k iron when you do the conversion. If you want to re-convert, say back to your forge, there’s no refund. Being into the game about a month I probably jumped the gun on getting the barracks this soon when my iron could have been better spent elsewhere, I had to do my first re-conversion to find this out. I’ll eventually use the barracks but not right away until my iron and ham production are up…at least I won’t have to buy it later…:slight_smile:

How do we level up troops

Build a barracks - available at level 10 stronghold (I think).

Read this thread for some common questions.

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