Bard manners - a Verse of Moderation

The games a-foot, mystery abounds
The time has come at last
To search the labyrinthine depths
With the magnifying glass
Perhaps you’ve had an epiphany
A burning bright idea
Before you scribble busily
It’s already here.
For great minds do think alike
And yours is greater than the rest
So your idea, probably, has already been put to test.

Maybe you’d like more loot, perhaps summons are too stingy
Frame all requests with cheerful verve
And do not get to whingey

We do our best to keep it neat
And we don’t mean to be terse,
But if we merge your pride and joy,
Please try not to curse

It’s not too late
For civil debate
Don’t duplicate
Or berate
Those who moderate
That would be great
And I appreciate
That some we placate
But it can grate
So please reciprocate if we mediate

Enjoy the forum,
And your time online
From threads ridiculous, to the sublime




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