Barbarian Class who to upgrade?

Hello everyone
I have the 65 emblems to start the barbarian class, i am between Kage amd Gravemaker
Who would you consider?

just raided woth both and recorded the damage of theirs shots. Considering their 35% chance for the talent skill:

  • Kage dealt 700 damage

  • bleeding 420/5 rounds = 84 per round DOT
    [1120 total damage to one hero]

  • Gravemaker dealt 135 damage

  • bleeding 81/5 round DOT = 16 damage per round (216 total damage)

  • 2 round gravemaker DOT (181x2= 362)
    [578 total damage to three heroes]

I understand on defense they have a 20% attack bonus and the hero’s attack hp and defense will increase eventually. And the DOT stacks.

I believe Gravemaker is probably the best choice for defensive raids, but i am leaning on Kage because of the event, i am thinking on boosting him so he makes a difference on my purple lineup together with Panther who i am also leveling on the talents as a fighter. Perhaps having them boosted will make a difference on the event runs.
I understand it will be a long journey leveling them…so this would only be effective in at least 6 months but hey we have to make these early decisions and then crop them later!
Any advices welcome!

Gravemaker. Increase attack to increase his DoT.


You need to read the fine print on Wound:

6% chance to apply bleeding from any normal attack. The effect deals 60% of the damage done by the normal attack over 5 turns. This effect stacks.

Key word there is “normal,” e.g. tile or slash damage. You don’t also get 60% of the special attack or DoT. The net benefit of Wound will be very similar between Kage and GM.

Both heroes will gain attack from the +Attack nodes in the Talent Grid. GM’s DoT also rises.

The decision really boils down to which hero is more useful for your team. What other heroes are you planning on betalenting? I’m thinking that a double rainbow will be valuable, so I’d be thinking about what other red and purple heroes I want to give emblems to.


Thanks! Didnt know it was normal attack!

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