Banning a hero in Raids


I have an idea and I would like to share this with the community. This feature is not new and have been implemented in other games long ago.

It’s called the “ban system”.

So in nutshells:

While you are fishing for an opponent during raiding you can click on an enemy hero’s portrait and lock a “Ban” button. This feature would not let the program roll ANY team with that single hero at ANY position in the defense team.

Raids only! In wars this is impossible to implement. And anyways: the new war rules going to shake the defense teams up.

What would this achieve?

First let’s talk about pre-nerf Telluria as an example. The attackers can be placed in two baskets:

#1: cannot handle GTV and/or sick of it
#2: can handle Telluria

Number one bans Telluria so can have more favourable matchup. More variety, less frustration: win-win.
Basket #2 reliably beats Telluria defense. More cups and more resources from the Tower. Win-win.

Let’s see the effect on the defense teams:

The first group of players uses Telluria tank. The second one does not.

The first group will be attacked by the second basket of the attackers (players who can beat Telluria). The result is constant loosing or not being attacked at all. Eventually the def team fielding Telluria will loose enough cups to make climbing hard enough. Can steadily hold upper Platinum/low Diamond but this is it. Since this is not acceptable for everyone they might swap Telluria out. If this is all right for the player: win-win.

Telluria is only an example! The game has “milestone-heroes” in all brackets and positions.
Kasshrek (uh I still remember), Boril, Elena, Aifrike, Aegir, Kunchen just to name a few.

I think this feature would help to balance certain issues out. A hero might be overpowered for some but a cake for others.

This would help the playerbase balance itself out.

If 90% of the banned heroes are the same than SGG can clearly see the problem… If this ban is (just a random number) 10% than everything is fine. Or fine-ish “for now”.

What do you girls and guys think?

I get what you are saying. But to be honest, I doubt many people would go with just banning a single hero.
In my opinion, what would be fun, would be to mix up the raids on a monthly basis to:
(1) take out a colour (element)
(2) only allow 3* or 4* heroes
(3) only allow heroes without emblems

I also had an idea about introducing a banning system in E&P:

If you don’t like the reading, just skip to point 6.


It is more like a filter. Isn’t that what the reroll is there for? if you don’t like the match up just waste your food.


Yes and no.

If you have to reloll 19 times to get a non-Telluria matchup than you as a player get frustrated because 95% of the enemy teams fields Telluria.

If you ban her (or filter) than Telluria will be completely invisible for you.

Make players who struggle with certain heroes more happy!

The effect is mostly psychological…

The number of the said heroes do not change in real only for you.

And as i mentioned: this is a self-mending mechanism. If 95% of the playerbase bans a certain hero the player who still uses that particular hero going to get punished by the players who can beat that composition.

So after some time this system balances the presence of a banned hero just by itself and the players.

Do you understand my logic?

This is no different than simply using the “reroll” button, I’d much rather the devs work on something else more functionally central to the game, fixing war matching

That’s an expensive ask so while only 3 of 48 x 3 stars of mine have emblems virtually all my maxed 4 stars are equiped (I’m a four star player). Embleming is expensive and reset tokens don’t grow on trees. Neither do emblems.

But it would be fun and make people think outside the box

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I like the idea of ‘banning’ one hero from time to time - it could be a new kind of tournament, to add some flavor. It would be less dull instead of seeing the same kind of team over and over :slight_smile:


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