Banner missing in alliance chat

Hi everyone.
The banner in our alliance chat is gone. It disappeared yesterday night, it seems (at least, that’s when I noticed it, gmt+1 here). I have contacted the support and the robot promised a human would look into the matter shortly-ish.
Have you noticed the same in your own alliances?

Any chance you have clicked on the “X”?

You need to click on the “!” so that it appears again:


If leadership removes all text from the banner, it will disappear.

It is possible to use it again here:

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Probably leader/co-leaders just removed the featured message. That way you can’t see it because it isn’t there. The leaders can bring it back by click the setting option.

Ok guys, our leader had removed the message by mistake, hence the problem. We’ve both learnt something, we had no idea the banner could be completely removed, there is always something on it — usually. Many thanks. :smiley:


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