Banner Issue

If your message is longer than the two lines. Several members cannot get to the remaining text. When they tap on the banner, they get an error message “Unable to find message for this attachment.”

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Sg will probably need a support ticket from someone who is having the problem. Here’s how to submit a ticket:

They should make sure to click “Support” on the in-game menu.

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Previously we have been told to report in this manner so I am confused. It is more than one member in my alliance which is why I submitted the report. I have been a member for a long time so not sure when and why the manner to report changed and that was not at all clear to me. I went to report a bug and submitted from there. The problem is present on both droid and iOS platforms. Could you please have someone look into it instead of this insulting response.


The change certainly predates me starting to play the game. It looks like it happened back in January 2018:

You can post about bugs on the forum to try to get help and advice. But if you want the developers to look into a specific problem with a specific account, you’ll want to submit a support ticket.

I’m not sure why you felt my response was insulting. The forum is basically a place for players like you and me to post questions and get help from other players. The developers do read the forum and post occasionally. But players talking to players is the main purpose. So I provided the best help I was able to, which was to advise on how to submit a support ticket.

You made it sound in your post like this is something happening to other people’s accounts but not to yours. If you yourself are experiencing the problem, of course it is appropriate that you would submit a support ticket. But if this is a problem happening to other people, they should be the ones to submit a ticket.

Well, thanks. Some time back , I read the guides which told us to go to community first and that we could submit a direct report if we needed to. That was to cut down on traffic for the game admin. I have never had to to my knowledge, as my problems have always been responded to.

I thought you were one of the game managers , so my apologies. No need to reply.


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