Banned Aliance Leader counted in AW number of clanmembers

The story is that our leader is banned for using other people accounts for his youtube videos (kinda summons etc.) despite it is not forbidden by rules (it is forbidden to transfer your account). And now he is trying to clear the situation.

And since that ban our alliance got +2 members in enemy alliances with more war score than ours every war. And it’s impossible to win such war.
Not only that the enemy has 12 more hits, so their hits also bring a lot more points!

And because of some stupid ban all the alliance is ruined? And all the people in alliance must suffer?
It is only 13 people left already in our aliance (plus banned leader), all the others leaved, and still we got +2 enemies with more score every war.

Last war proof:

Our war score:

Their war score:
245k. More score and more players.

And such picture is every war since that ban. Our banned leader score not counted, but he is counted in number of players. +2 players every time.

Sorry for bad eng. Not even trying. Because I’m sure that some st*d moderator will surely replace this topic to AW whine and nobody will read this.

I read it. Think with only 13 people I’d bail and start a fresh alliance or join an established one. Not losing much by doin that at this point.

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Merge is a good option, find alliance with around 15 member. Both side will get the most benefit than build a new alliance since so many alliance need a member to join.

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It was 23 some days ago.
And why we should start new alliance with 1* titans? Did we break some rules? It’s something bugged. It must be fixed, I think. And leader of our alliance would be unbanned anyway i bet.

Apparently your leader did so…

If this happened 23 days ago your leader shouldn’t have been counted in matchmaking after missing his/her 2nd consecutive war. So that probably is a technical error on SG’s part.

@Sara @Petri

23 members was some days ago, after last war. Our leader stops appearing at battlefield 3 wars ago, but we still get +2 members and + around 10% warscore in enemy allies, while our leader defence team is missed.

It looks like the machinations of the selection algorithm.

After 3 wars with a great difference against us both in points and in the number of players, finally a weaker enemy fell. Still the difference is great (2 players), but now in our favor.

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