Bane Hero maxed at 50, talent grid not activating

I got BANE to 50 max and talent was 6/8, fed few yellow 1 and 2 star heros, special skill improved, at 7/8 I have now fed 30 yellow heros and frustration growing as still 7/8 ths there to full special talent, how many more, 50, 100, or what and why should this happen, please help?

I have 98% of the time only levelled up with yellow or same talent like fed Hou in even.

Talent grid isn’t activating because Bane’s special skill isn’t maxed. I strongly advise against feeding 4*'s to Bane. When a hero is max leveled, the odds of special skill improvement is five times higher. You can get a 100% chance with five 2* yellow heroes.


Feed bane with a pack of 10 yellow 1* or 5 yellow 2* or a mixed, look at the percentage of chance for special it have to be 100 %
Don’t feed it little a little


Or a spare copy of Bane, if you have one.


Thank you everyone - I am now not getting the yellow hero’s gosh the anticipation, need patience for this game. At least I have the plan of action.

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