Bane costume not retaining leveling

on costume.

Any ideas?

These are the same picture?

Imma take the liberty of just patching you onto some other threads.

Costume FAQs:

How to guide on equipping an unequipping costumes:

All the stats and numbers about leveling and ascending costumes:

My analysis of the various costumes and what’s their point?


Neither pic is his costume…

Tap the circled button


Apologies, haven’t got loading pics quite down. Trying again so you can see.

Ok so I’m not going to repost but read the FAQs I posted above. Answers your question.


Thank you. Will do right now.

Read but did not see an answer. I guess I simply do not understand how the costume could have been leveled and is now back to 1-1. I apologize if you find this redundant. But it seems if the costume has been leveled, it should be reflected. So I guess what I should be asking is there a glitch? Please excuse my lack of knowledge, there is soooooo much to this game and I am still new

Costumes need to be leveled up too. Leveling the base hero does not automatically level the costume.

You need to level the costume on each hero, so you may have leveled a costume on a different bane?


Are you levelling the costume on two Banes?


It’s in the questions… Under Q3

Each costume must be levelled independently… Costume levels are non-transferable


Thank you all. I do have two costumes. Both reflect level 1-1, even though I had one to level 31-1. I do not wish to waste any more of your time. Thank you for everything. :slight_smile:


You only need one costume though which can be worn by the different heros, once you’ve fitted each of those heros as explained above. Using the same costume to level is faster.

Btw - You are one of many to ask about costumes. There are multiple threads that are started and get merged to the main one on the topic. Keeps everything tidy. :wink:.

If your question has been answered, Guvnor has attached relevant links, you can tag a moderator to close your thread

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Do you have multiple banes? Be sure to check them all with the costume equipped.

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This is what I have. I think my question now is, is it possible that because I became confused about which Bane was which and started leveling the second one with costume on, that the costume reverted back to 1-1? Again, I am so sorry to be complicated, but I really want to understand and communication is not something I do well.

Can’t seem to get images right. Frustration is rising. I hate feeling stupid. So yet more apologies. :-/

I don’t think the costume reverted back to 1x1. I think you just lost track of which Bane costume you were leveling. I’d go through and equip all the Bane costumes, and find the one you started.

For costume leveling, say you have 2 Bane’s and 1 costume… Both banes can be equipped at the same time, but each hero with an equipped costume has to be leveled individually, like it’s its’ own separate hero.


You leveled a regular to 31 as to be seen in the picture you provided

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I believe I totally understand that, what I am not understanding is why all show 1-1, even after equipping, when at least one costume was leveled to 31-1.

I am going to go read Guvner’s so very patient response again and reflect on it. Maybe that elusive lightbulb will brighten.

I thank you all very much for your patience and kindness.

Good luck! One last thing I’d suggest is to equip the costume on every single Bane, and then post the screenshot here of their levels. If they are ALL 1x1, then I think HarryDeB was right, and you thought you were leveling a costume, when you were leveling the actual hero. Just a guess though!

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@HarryDeB answered your question, you levelled a normal Bane to Lvl 31 not a costume.

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