Bane +14 or Li Xiu 3/12 for defense team?

So my Li Xiu 3/12 just eclipsed my Bane +14 as my toughest yellow and I’m wondering if it’s time to make a change on my defense team.

Li Xiu Power 468 Attack 442 Defense 477 HP 788 Tank Value 1742
Bane Power 510 Attack 514 Defense 458 HP 801 Tank Value 1717

Currently my team is:

Berden +10, Kiril 4/1, Cyprian 4/29, Scarlett +6, Bane +14

Other possibilities would be Brienne +14 instead of Berden. I have Skittleskull 2/8 too which is pretty flimsy.

Any advice would be appreciated. I know I always find Li Xiu to be a pain when I come up against her. She doesn’t do any damage but her special can slow the opponent down which is always a good thing.

Replace Berden by Li.

Same color on both wings is ok. Doesn’t have to be a rainbow in any case.

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I’d go Bane. Higher damage plus fast mana. His blind can also be a nice perk, and with talents, he also gets some potential durability help from the Withstand ability (chance to withstand DoT, for instance).

I know what you mean about Li Xiu’s special, especially when it fires right after a cascade that charges 3 or 4 heroes, and then she fires and none of them can fire, but she is average mana, and at 2^12, there’s a chance she gets killed before she is able to fire.

I just drew Li Xiu this morning, so maybe in a month or two, my advice would be different, but I don’t think so.


She’s the most annoying tank up to say 1800 cups. You can also call her lil Guin…


I would say go for LiXiu, you don’t need any ascension mats to take her to 3.60… So very soon she will become your best tank. She is like a mini Guinevere. Meanwhile you can continue to emblem up Bane to use him in wars and also as a 2nd yellow in defense. Much later you can just shift those emblems using a reset emblem to a suitable 4* or 5* monk. :slight_smile:


Bane is fast, Li Xiu is average. This is important for a wing position. Fast fires 20% sooner, and 20% more often.

If someone is going on the wing and is slower than fast, they should do something transformative when they fire (think: Alby, MoNo, and other healers).

Li Xiu is pretty annoying when she fires early in a fight (tank), but fairly indifferent when she fires late (wing).

Bane’s usefulness actually increases the fewer enemies there are on the board, because his blind has a high probability of simultaneously crippling one of the only available specials and the most desirable enemy tile color.

My vote would be for Bane still. Once Li Xiu is more leveled up and can ride flank to Cyprian, then it’s worth revisiting the question.


I’m at 2000 cups and Li Xiu+6 is still fine as tank.

This is a very good advise. Had this once when my team was still lower but I horribly lost. So level Li Xiu to 3.60 (2 weeks?), place Cyprian in the middle, Li Xiu next to him and completely re-organise your defense team then.


Sorry 3/12 not 2/12

20 cha

What order would you suggest @Vikingblood80?

Thanks for the advice BTW

Oh, yeah, that makes a difference. If you don’t switch now, I’d probably make the switch soon, since Li Xiu has nowhere to go but up, especially if you have the orbs to ascend her.

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I do. So then do I move her to flank and make Scarlett a wing? Putting Kiril in the corner doesn’t seem to make any sense.

I know most people would tell me to use them on Wu. The thing is my Wu is at 3/25. He survives long enough to fire twice during 7-8* titan fights, which is all I use him for. Don’t see much use at this point take him past 3/60.

Yes, probably. Anyone stacking yellow against Cyprian risks hitting Li Xiu (and charging her mana) with half damage yellow tiles, and vice-versa. Scarlett on the wing is probably a good idea anyway, as she is squishy. Didn’t really pay attention to formation in your first post.

Definitely not. Leave the bearded one where he is. :slight_smile:


Li xiu as tank. Will take you to 2200 trophies. Did for me anywyas.

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Berden Kiril Cyprian Li Xiu Scarlett

Switch out Skittles for Berden when she gets stronger

Yes, but you could consider @Adirtyempire’s suggestion of Li Xiu at tank when she is stronger. I haven’t used her at all yet, so I don’t know how effective that is, but moving Cyprian to right flank might discourage folks from firing tiles to that side of the board, further protecting Scarlett.

I’m still learning to love Skittles on my second war team and most of my Titan teams, but she’s almost guaranteed to be an upgrade over Berden. The attack down is redundant with Scarlett, though, so maybe mix and match a bit when you have the bench for it.


“The attack down is redundant with Scarlett”

I had thought of that but also figured that they probably wouldn’t fire at the same time so it might sustain the attack debuff further into the fight.

Skittles is definitely not my favorite but I figure we play with what we’ve got.

May the RNG be with you, always

Why not? So everyone can profit from Kirils attack boost as the AI fires the skills from the defending team from left to right…but I agree that cleansing (Rigard) or debuff (Sabina, Melendor) are even better positioned on the topmost left.

So my first idea was

Kiril | Li Xiu | Cyprian | Scarlett | Bane

Just try which one fits better or gives you more cups. May be you won’t get a noteable difference. When you insert Skittles don’t put her on a wing…as with slow mana she is kind of lost there.

And Skittles and Scarlett may not fit very well into the same team as they both have the same negative buff ability and so the effects overwrite each other.

Edit: Then I would probably go

Kiril | Skittles | Cyprian | Li Xiu | Scarlett

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Yes, but Kiril is heartier than Scarlett, Bane, or Berden at comparable levels, so I think he’s a better option on the flank, since he’ll be taking more fire earlier in the battle. Plus, he’s a healer, so if he fires, he keeps the whole team alive longer.

This is true. You could maybe bump Kiril to the wing then, but again, that’s potentially a long time to delay his healing/buffs, since he won’t charge mana very quickly there. Skittles’ AOE special could (potentially) turn a battle that is going poorly by firing late.


Kiril Scary Li Cyp Skittle

Emblems to 4*, since 3* will become more and more useless except for events, tournaments and wars as long as you don’t have enough 4 and 5.

Above 2000 cups you’ll need good epics and a bunch of legendaries.

Epics and legendaries will replace your rares soon.

Li was my first 4* hero yellow and since 1 month she is the first yellow maxed. Stronger means put 4 magic orbs in her for the last ascension, lvl 4.70.
I remember doing her last ascension during the end of january (the same day I did for skittles :slight_smile: )
Then I was at a TS of ~ 3000 to 3100 and cups 1600 - 1700, Li Xiu was at 3.60.
Now I am at TS 3550 with 2000 cups and Li Xiu still remains as tank, 4.70 + 6 ( the whole team got stronger but only 1 hero was swapped in that time…so almost remained the same)

So yeah Li Xiu in the middle and Cyprian on the flank is definitely a thing you should try…(a bit later may be)


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