Bandersnatch Champions Cup (CC) is now live! We are looking for the best players to hop in with our best!

We opened our 3rd alliance today as we been at capacity for quite some time. Introducing Bandersnatch Champions cup. We have 10 of our best 60 players in this new alliance and majority of us have been #1 world rank on the individual leader boards. Our alliance families have been playing collectively for 9 months we are as strong of a group there is in the game. Next Challenge is for us to reach the leaderboards as an alliance.

:trophy: Bandersnatch CC :trophy:

Are you ready to chase for the top and still have fun along the way?
Trophies: 2400+ and harpoon crafting required. Titan requirements: Projecting 12* titans in near future every friday we go for 2nd tier titan part drops. We also do leaderboard heats on fridayโ€™s for fun. War is Optional currently. If Participating: we use war strategy and expectations are to use all Flags. 3600+ War Defense needed + a war roster of 30 heroโ€™s at 500 minimal power.
*War Verification Required * We stay connected using Discord which is also required.

Message me on discord @ MarkNizzle#6221, or knock on our alliance door: Bandersnatch CC in the game!

Bump! New alliance looking for top tier players

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