Bandersnatch - 1 spot remains!

:crossed_swords: Bandersnatch :crossed_swords:

Find out why we Win wars and Smash titans, while still having fun!

Find out why we Win wars and Smash titans, while still having fun!

Trophies: 2000+
Titan requirements: Hit 9* | 10* titans daily
War Requirements: War is Optional. If Participating: Players must work with others as we use war strategy and must use all Flags. 3400+ War Defense needed. 30 hero’s of 400 power
*War Verification Required *
We stay connected using Discord

We have recently Balanced out our 2 alliances, we have 5 spots open at the moment! We are a fun and active group. Come chat it up with us in game and prep for saturday’s war in the meantime!

Looking to get some new players in before next war!

If your on the move, and looking for some good chat while you play… come cut it up with a fun group of daily players! This is the spot. Simply put: We retain players! We have 2 mercs who retired here, which says a lot when you know how often Mercs move around in this game. Per player cup average is 2185, 1800 cups gets you in!

our alliance is now at 27 / 30, and we are in the 118k - 123k alliance score ranges daily, currently ranked 2389 overall. We are an established alliance consisting of a tight knit group, We hit 9* and 10* titans currently. 4-2 war record over last six wars. participation is a non issue here we use all flags every war!

you wont see us in AR in the game recruiting because that’s not who we are. Join us and be part of something special. We are on a Gravy Train with Biscuit Wheels!

Looking for members to join after war

We have 3 open slots. We have been in between 9* and 10* titans. hoping to get into 10* full time. We do war strategy and use all flags. War is optional here and you can opt out when needed. Currently all 27 players do participate on a regular basis. Check us out! image

currently 28/30. new war chest for us on saturday. Great Time to Join our team!

Hey All! Come check out Bandersnatch! We have a super active group who chats about anything and everything. Currently fighting 9* titans with the odd 10* in the mix. Fresh war chest after this Wed! 2 spots open!

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Bandersnatch is our top alliance in the game! Traditionally we promote Jabberwock members into Bandersnatch so you don’t see us in game recruiting anymore. Our group is solid! If your looking for something more, come request to join Bandersnatch in game. We have found some of our best players out here on the forums! mention this post. :smile:

We are steadily elevating our game, Added updated Discord link. Check us out!

Happy Memorial Day all, Give us a check if your on the move and looking for a competitive yet fun environment with great personalities and lively chat. Its all about playing with a fun group of players like us!

Bandersnatch is full! join us at Jabberwock as you wait for an available slot. Jabberwock is the official training alliance and shares the same discord server.

We had a player recently do away with the game, and leaving us with an empty spot. Some of our best players have came to us from the forum!

We have a good mix of active daily players, who love to chat and keep things interesting.

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