Banana team VS +1306 power team


I’ve never ever seen any of the mana on any of my heroes generate so fast…Wonder how old this video is. Pretty freaking cool though…

Uhm… 2 days old?

I record both these days.

the number of tiles to charge up a special is (outside of any high level mana gen 4* troops)

very fast (jackal): 7
fast: 8
average 10
slow: 12

ghosted tiles (tiles that don’t hit a hero) count as 2.

the first bit (up to 0:28 where the diamond forms) had a match 3 and a match 6 (that formed the diamond). This charged jackal and the two fast heroes.

then notice at 0:40 instead of blindly popping the diamond, he wisely did a match 3 since it would charge up both the averages. Then the diamond would help recharge Wu and Kalaini.

Then the diamond popped 6 gems including a bunch that ghosted which counted for 2x each and thus it charged up all the fast heroes again. (and only need a match 3 for the averages again).


I raid with double Jackal and you can almost always have them both charged in two/three moves and snipe any Hero you want on the def team.

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I love my jackal. Only thing I’d love more… Is two jackals…


That Jackal, I’ve been wanting one of those for a while…Thanks for those #'s I’ve been trying to get those down lately…Great strategy indeed…

Fun to watch! Thanks for sharing

Great video, so 3* can beat 5* :slight_smile:

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