Ban this player

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[A player in Global Chat], has been asking and bugging members all day, and asking for a girlfriend for months,

You can use the button in chat to report, if this person is really being inappropriate. If enough people report, and the staff determine it needs to be addressed, they will do so. If they are just an annoyance, I find the block button works great!

He’s a good example for the too much E&P thread.

…when you’ll never get a girlfriend…

PS: I edited the title and the category. Please stay kind, even if you’re angry. And it isn’t a bug at all :wink:

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I wonder if he knows that begging usually does not work when trying to attract a mate? This comes at the most opportune time for me to use a word I just learned about this morning from the all knowing @Garanwyn. He is the definition of an incel.

He has been playing for months and is only a level 15? That is hard to imagine.

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This can’t be addressed on the Forum, but you can report inappropriate chat posts via in-game functionality, or can contact Support directly:

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Send him some dating site links.
Sitting on e&p all day won’t help and as someone said begging doesn’t look good

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I have on 3 occasions now, and keep seeing his name frm other members asking him too stop after he’s been blocked

It’s an issue because reporting him in chat dnt seem too stop the idiot

I disagree. This is a bug, just not one that can be fixed with rewriting some code.

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Thought I’d bring the issue up, as reporting him in global dnt seem too do anything

Is he just annoying or does he harm someone or something?

I doubt, that this board is the right place for such a denunciation, since he won’t be able to react and anyone knows, what he really did or does.

You may contact the service, that they’ll have a look into it.

He is posting in global right now @Olmor.

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Global rooms are way overloaded. That’s too much for an old boy like me…


Haha! I’m busy folding laundry and adulting.


The forum is not the right channel to report chat abuse. Please use the in-game functions.

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