Ban Telluria from tournaments

It’s unfair. It leaves ■■■■ taste in mouth that tournament is over on first day

I would just remove the “from tournaments” from your statement. The PVP is now really less fun since this hero came around, even if she have been diminished in May


Did not agree, because this requires compensation (Why some heroes should be banned without compensation)?

And NO RED tournament is a best place for a bulky greens.

But, for example, my Telly is B graded, and my GF’s Brynhild is A graded defence.

Wait for Skadi, please. She can return blue into meta.

I found very fast Heimdall much more challenging, personally. Didn’t take a single point even though I killed two heroes (including Telluria at wing) but he resurrected them :man_shrugging:t3:


Telluria is banned in 13 out of 18 tournaments.


Since it’s actually been a repeating 32-Tournament rotation, not random or all-inclusive, we can even more precisely say she’s banned from 2 of the 11 5* Tournaments, and 23 of the 32 Tournaments overall.


I didn’t vote simply because after the nerf she is no better than the other top tanks in all colours. The real problem is the volume of Telluria in opponent’s defence teams and that was because she was issued as a HOTM so therefore quite easy to get (for some).


There are a LOT of heroes that are stronger in Rush tournaments that Telluria. Enough with the Ban everything threads, just play the game or don’t

Are the tournaments in a set, predictable sequence? If so I would like to see that – and there many smart, helpful people who are definitely tracking it, it may be available. Apologies if I’ve overlooked it.

And all the top players saw her potential and emblemed her to max (along with Gravemaker and Vela).

I can handle Telluria without the killer flanks (often). The 4700+ teams get rerolled without being considered…

I agree that there are stronger heroes – e.g., Heimdall per @JonahTheBard. If the raids are not in a predictable sequence (I’ve already asked @zephyr1 this question) then it would have been nice if this particular tournament excluded blue or green instead of red. When I say “would have been nice,” I mean that given the widespread ennui and resentment regarding the near ubiquity of Telluria in raid defenses, E&P could have made a lot of people happy (or at least, annoyed far fewer) if they had made that simple change. The fact that E&P didn’t reflects a certain degree of tone-deafness, IMO.

That is very true. SSG kinda listened to the members about telluria, but once they nerfed her it was like their hands were clean and back to normal business. Bad timing, but Telly is not the biggest threat in this one by a long shot…unless of course you lose to a team that she’s in and the posts start all over.

I agree, @Chadmo. To be honest, I am doing okay in the tournament, and not struggling with Telluria, particularly.

And while I generally avoid bashing E&P, and I am not among the throngs clamoring to nerf or further nerf Telluria, I am tired of seeing GM - Telluria - Vela in raid after raid.

It’s not so much that “they did this” and it makes me angry so much as I am disappointed in that it’s a missed opportunity. An opportunity for us to see different faces in the tournament (and, finally, to get my Azlar off the bench :slight_smile: ).

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Don’t you dare ruining her more.

This thread had the log of the raid tournaments to date. The next one will be 4* Rush attack all colours.


I imagine that no thought went into this at all – there’s a fixed rotation of tournament rules, and this one was up. Surprisingly, I have only had 1 or 2 Telluria tanks thus far, though I fully expect to go down in flames (vines?) tomorrow.

Yep, they have been.

@EngOran linked the thread below your question.


Telluria again? Really? After they nerfed her to death? I bet there are out some people who still try to beat her with full red mono even if there is a very fast tour…

If you can see a pattern here, you’re seeing something I do not (I suppose that is a tautology). What I see is that the star level alternates unpredictably (a level may repeat or follow any other level), the element restriction alternates unpredictably (an element may be repeated or follow any other element or none), and the Buff-Rush-Bloody don’t seem to follow a pattern.

While I acknowledge that their distribution may reflect (or derive from) the percentages you quote, the pattern doesn’t seem obvious. I will trust you, though, and conceded that it was long ago determined that this event would be a 5* with no red.

Even with that stipulation, I my charge of tone-deafness still applies. E&P could have interrupted the pattern with a chance that no one other than @EngOran would have noticed.

I was wondering whether a thread like this would be set up as there seems to be a lot of negativity on the forum of late, and I was right.

I disagree that Tell should be banned from tournaments and I agree that Heimdall has proved much more problematic in this very fast tournament!