Ban/Restrict Players For Leaving

As the tittle says,a report feature wold be great for players who are leaving the alliance.We all have encountered players who join the aliance stick a bit,we help them grow give them advices… then they leave without saying anything.And when u search them u see that they went to a more powerfull alliance.That is not fair and i think some how to report them and punish them …or once they join a alliance and they leave afther …1 day …they cannot join any alliance for a time (1 week) i don’t know. Tell me what u think about this ideea .Also add other features or ideeas.Thank you!

Terrible, petty and vindictive idea. Throw it in the trash and erase it from memory.

If you’re not an atteactive enough alliance for them to stick around, thats on you, not on them.

Players are and should be free to move around as they please.


Hahahaha :slight_smile:

That sounds like a bad alliance leader’s dream :slight_smile:

Let me tell you a little story:

In the first alliance that I ever joined (I was level 12), there was not much to learn. Nothing, as a matter of fact.

The alliance leader always whined about the evil members leaving him. Also several members at one time. Learning everything from him and then leaving. Ooh, evil, right?

Yeah. Sure. :wink:

It soon turned out why that happened frequently.

No education, no direction … this way today and that way tomorrow … and a very moody alliance leader. Who got on everybody’s nerves with his moods.

Well, one day in late October, he overdid his crap.
And 10 members left at once. 10. In one day. (!) I was number 2.

I found another alliance.
One that taught me. Educated me. Took me by the hand and helped me grow.
One that had groups in line. Information. Tutoring. Advice.
One that had rules. Few rules but firm rules. Not one thing today and the opposite tomorrow.

I am currently 3800+ team power and 2400+ cups.

Could I have achieved this in that first alliance?
Not in a month of Sundays!

If alliance members leave without even saying goodbye … hm … either you are very unlucky with your members … or you may wish to change something …


Don’t judge me for what i am saying,in fact our alliance in great.A big family i might say.Im not refering to it,just a general ideea.Im happy with my alliance too,im co-leader.When i leved my first alliance it was because there where chaos,no one to talk and no titan to defeat.So 8 players left including me to antoher alliance and we are a team since then.

I think this is a realy bad idea.

If you shall punish members for leaving whit out give a reasons, what about leader, co-leader and elders that kick whit out reason shall they to get punich when give no reason?

And how will you prove that no reason was given, it will be word aginst word.

My advice is when a member leave, take a bit of the lemon and start working on get in a new one, and maybe you are lucky and get a better player. Give the member information that it is OK to leave you just whant to know.

God luck whit the game and have a nice day



oh. so you suggest that you yourself should have been punished for leaving that awful alliance?

interesting idea…

There are five of us from my 1st alliance in my current alliance. :slight_smile: We were 6, but one has left the game.

If you have alliance buddies that you really like, do establish contact on line, or the chat program of your choice.
This way, if sonething goes wrong, you can keep in contact and … with a little luck … be together again.


I think the others were more eloquent than I am in stating that this is a bad idea, but why isn’t this fair? Why should they have any sort of loyalty to you and your alliance after 5 minutes or whatever?

I assure you, even 7DD has had people join, look around, maybe take a screenshot (I don’t know), and then leave summarily.

That’s their choice, it’s a reflection of them, not really of us, and if they’re going to be happier somewhere else that’s just fine… mazel tov and all. We’ll be OK, and for that matter in your situation, so will you.

Establishing an alliance can be a lot of work, heck even helping maintain an established one can make one want to reach through the phone and slap people occasionally; however, you can’t take this personally (for all that I sometimes get self-righteously annoyed, and I need to fix that as that’s a personal problem not one with anyone else) and if you find that you are, don’t be an alliance leader as it’s a route to frustration.


Don"t take it so seriously…yes it produces some anger in the beginning then you adapt cause ppl are ppl and maybe some day there all same spirit in your alli.


worst part of someone leaving for no reason isn’t the fact that they left, it is the realization that I will have to spend time in AR chat…:cry::cry::cry::cry:


If an alliance is not a good fit then it isn’t a good fit, a player should not be punished for this. Many people leave alliances for many different reasons. Maybe an alliance rps and the player doesn’t, or the reverse. Maybe it is too much socialization or not enough. You join an alliance you stay for however long and then all of a sudden you realize this alliance doesn’t feel like home, so you leave you join a different one until you find one. Maybe even decided to merc for a bit. Can you imagine what the consequences might be for the people that decide to merc? :anguished: there are many vindictive people out there that would abuse that power. Not to mention the possibility for potential abusive situations that come from the social aspect of the game. Some would feel that they have to put up with abuse, because how else would they get their titan hits in the game, besides there is already a 12 hour restriction/penalty on hopping alliances as it stands. That should be more than enough to discourage things.


@DBoY is there a way to search individual player?

@BigMamaDiesel only if they talked in chat then you can click and look at the basic information there. Alliance, defense team info, etc…

@UrCrazyExGf thank you