Baldur with boosted health doesn't hit anymore after war. equalizer

I noticed that after the war equalizer is activated, baldur doenst hit. anymore after. each turn, notlr does. it protect against. mana. reduction. you need to fire his special again to become active again, until the next war eq. in my opinion, the hit is not a special that can be cleansed or erased by the war equalizer, but is. instead a function of the boosted health.

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I was thinking the same thing yesterday and wanted to make a ticket. He should still hit with boosted health

IMO working as intended… boosted HP isnt removed But SS is… so no doubt for me here…
Same goes for S3 family link wnhen enemy has low health etc it gets cleansed …
It is a status effect …

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ALL status effects in the game have a small icon next to the hero. the attack skill doesn’t have one, just the “block direct mana reduction” one. IMO, this should not be cleansed as long as there’s extra life in him

Deals damage as long as he has boosted health. If he has boosted health and u can’t cleans that why doesn’t he hit anymore?

It is working as intended:


Because the buff that is being removed is the “Deals damage as long as he has boosted health”. Not the boosted health itself.

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For the same reason that he doesnt automatically start hitting if a different hero brings his health over 100% without him activating.

Thank you. But card of the hero should be edited. The description where it says hits as long as he has boosted health isn’t accurate then.

Unfortunately there are dozens of heroes whose cards need additional clarification.

Rules, exceptions, rules to the exceptions, and exceptions to the rules. Except when it’s Wednesday and the moon is full. And assuming they didn’t break the special ability with the latest release.

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