Baldur vs Puss in Boots

I have baldur at 3.70 and the puss in boots at 3.70 and materials to promote one of which would be more feasible to ascend first I would love your advice.

Tengo a baldur en 3.70 y el gato con botas en 3.70 y materiales para ascender uno de los dos a cual seria más factible ascender primero me encantaría su consejo.

Heavily depending on your other heroes. Do you have lots of minion summoners?

Buddy and seshat only.

A Buddy y a seshat solamente.

Maybe Baldur first for his nice damage every turn as long as his health is boosted.

If you don’t have many healers, go for the male kitten. He’s the only legendary healer being rogue.

Puss in boots cause you have buddy and seshat.

Puss in Boots was my first 5* healer i picked up. He has done well in my defense and with raids. If he’s your only 5* healer, I would level PiB. I don’t have Baldur. But if you are lacking a 5* damage generating hero, go with Baldur.

What does the rest of your hero roster look like?

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Puss in boots is one of the best red hero. Baldur is one of the worst. There is no dilemma between the two…


PiB is top red hero ever and you can even use him as a tank.
Baldur is just mediocre, they arent even comparable

Okey muchas gracias por el aporte. Voy ascender a PIB primero ya que tengo más heroes de ataque como seshat, liana, rey Arturo poseidón etc. y PIB es mi único sanador de 5 estrella.


PiB is elite / PiB es uno de los elites
Baldur is … new. / Baldur es… nuevo.

PiB will save you with the heal, the extra minions and has a solid attack stat for titans. Baldur has little more than a nice attack stat.

PiB te va a salvar con su abilidad de sanar, sus “minions” y tiene buen ataque para titanes. Baldur tiene poco mas que un buen ataque.