Baldur should stack with Haim and other health booster heroes

Hi devs, testers and players. I’ll keep it short and clear. My words are about Baldurs special skill. How come when Haimidal uses his special and boosts Baldurs health his special skill doesn’t activate? It should , because it says so…as long as the caster has boosted health. It doesn’t specify boosted how or from who. Make it combo with other health booster heroes please.Thanks and happy New year’s
Eve everybody!

Ah, Heimdall. The title had me confused. I was wondering what Corey had to do with this.


He does tho…?

Badlru’s special MUST be fired first tho in order to get the Brawler buff.

The Random Damage & Mana Resistance isn’t a “passive” skill… It’s an activated buff…

After the first cast, so long as you maintain Baldur’s health as “boosted” the brawler buff will remain… Regardless of if the additional Boosted HP comes from Heimdall or Gullinbursti or whoever else.

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Thanks for the fast reply guys. I thought that just the last part of his special can be triggered whenever Baldur gets his health boosted . Would have been nice to passively activate the punch part of his special. Too Imba maybe? :slight_smile:

Why does baldur not trigger when kash boost him as card clearly says its triggered by having extra hp (not only by his own buff)…anyone knows?

Guv’s response details it well

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