📯 Baldur – Season 3 Hero – 5* Fire/Red: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Nah anyone who doesn’t like baldur is the weird


New meta, baldur :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: without him I lost 200 cups on 15 defensive stands, same amount attacks with baldur on d instead of can’t remember and I got 100 cups plus, but probably coincidence, still strange :thinking: Just wanted to shout out for baldur since he seems forgotten, he’s great, on offense and other stuff too :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Maxed him finally (and THEN i pulled Elizabrth) but so far havent been too impressed. I did it so I could have another team to do well against the sea of Bera War Tanks.

Run him with Garnet and C.Marj plus an attack buffer or DD depending on defense (C. Kiril, C. Rigard, etc.) and a heavy AOE damqge dealer (Skadi, Killhare etc.) Baldur isnt emblemed. And even hitting every turn, his damage seems neglible.

Use him in a team like this, vs a freya team like this… (this from today’s war). He works well in a battle of attrition where the opponent can’t heal

Also… he can up your score vs green titans


Thanks @Homaclese. Still havent ascended Noor but Garnet should be a decent equivalent.

So no direct damage and just keep him firing eh. Mmm … will give it a try.

I know you also War in Top 100 so thats a relevant vid.

Edit: Oh but he’s +20 though … Ive got Onyx III and even Devana begging for those emblems.

I don’t have much competition for ranger emblems… Devanna when I get her up but otherwise pretty much noone.

He is good value vs titans, in PVE stuff and in about half my wars, so to me he is worth the emblems. Makes for an obvious Freya counter due to the mana cut protection (also works well against LOTL, Neith, Bera). Against Bera I can do Noor & a cleanser eg Lady Loki, or alternatively C Gormek.


I have maxed Baldur +20. I don’t have many great 5 star reds or Rangers. Neith and Bai Yeong are my other +20 Rangers.

Baldur is alot of fun though when he’s your team. A bastard when you have to raid against him.

My problem is node 8&9
Mana and health
Shield and sword

I only have 1 mana troop (at lvl 23) so sword and shield would be better, because my lack of further mana troops won’t make the mana node relevant… Or?

Short answer: Always mana.

Long answer:

it is true that now you only have one mana troop at lvl 23, so mana node seems useless.

But I’m sure that in future you will have more mana troops, and more red average heroes (or fast heroes with +2% class bonus) you’d want in the same team.

If you choose mana node, you will be able to pair Baldur with lvl 17 mana troop, and use your 23lvl mana troop for some other hero.

If you choose “shield”, you’ll always need to assign a lvl23 mana troop to Baldur to speed him up 1 tile, this limits your flexibility a lot.

I’d pick the flexibility over extra defense. That’s why my short answer is “always mana”.


Pretty long explanation for such a short (but 100% true) answer :wink:

Thank you @Damirius :grinning: :+1:

Did you go health or healing on emblems 19?

Has anyone lbd baldur and could talk to how much of an impact that has to the damage his special does?


This would be of great interest… I am thinking of using him in a Team with cCrampus, Hanitra, Frigg/Mr. Pengi and cMoNo

I also have a question, if you have baldur in the towers and you choose the rare blessing that gives all allies mana everytime an ally casts a skill. Would baldur be able to generate mana for the the team every turn then? Since it’s considered a skill

Probably not, because it is no direct activation. The skill just lasts as long as he has boosted health.

I lbd him. Havent done the direct comparison to before but he does 600 to 700 damage each hit with franz and tree debuffs.


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