📯 Baldur – Season 3 Hero – 5* Fire/Red: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

If you use Heimdall and Krampus on defense, other three heroes must be heavy into dmg, since those two are both support heroes.

Baldur isnt heavy into dmg , so I wouldnt advise him in this setup

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One of my alliance members uses Baldur for just about everything and he loves him. He is starting to grow on me now after the buff.

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I don’t have him, but I will say i have the most difficulty with him when he is paired with a hero who gives temporary HP above max like Heimdall to keep him above max and hit every turn all game long


Thank you and other guys who help me and answer forum

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So I have Marjana and C Elena as Red legendary and all epics with their costumes and if not use Santa I do not who I use

Baldur can give an attacker panic spasms when the boards go south and he seems to hit you every turn without you being able to do anything. He definitely pairs well with Heimdall.


IMO Baldur is the key to beating Guin tanks. His special basically makes your team immune to her mana down as long as he has boosted HP.


I love Baldur but you have to build the team around him to some degree. Once you get him going and properly supported he will just keep going and going like the Duracell bunny. Attack up buffs + defence down debuffs all make the hit every turn harder.

For me Sif and Heimdall have made him awesome and I’ve been playing around with team builds. I’ve found Gefjon and Guardian Falcon a good little combo for a 3-1-1 build. Loads of different combos out there to try out though and that’s why makes Baldur fun. Trying to find little gems to put with the team.


Baldur and his team laugh at Lady of the Lake’s minions.


I think he would go nicely with Heimdall and Odin. Heimdall tops his HP, Odin speeds up mana.

Although I don’t think Baldur is very good, he can be effective when sheltered behind a taunt. He can hit hard after Krampus has fired, the attack boost and emblems means he hurts and the taunt keeps specials away from Baldur so that he can continue firing.

If a defense down hero is added to the mix Baldur can wreck havoc, best option is AoE defense down to make the targeting foolproof.

As a frustrated Baldur owner I wish my opinion of him were better but alas he doesn’t synergize well with my bench. I continue to like the concept and wish for better execution. For those that use him and like him, I am very happy for you and hope you CAN set up a team that really meshes with his special.

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Just giving some love to Baldur and Baldur’s thread. I completed NT for the first time. My last 3 levels (47-50) were completed with 1 flag each and that was thanks to Baldur! My mono red team was BT, Wilbur, JF, LadyLoki, and Baldur. It was Baldurs continual brawler hits that picked off monsters.

Was pleasantly surprised too bc my Baldur isn’t even at 3-70 yet!


it does. My current defense team with 3700 power is Baldur - Ursena - Heimdall - Odin - Baldur

Baldurs are only 3/50 an and it keeps me around 2200-2300 cups


I have faced him on a few occasions and on right wing he shines, dies in second on left flank. Hate him.

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I’m working my way through S3 on hard and Baldur is great for Vanaheim special stages since he blocks the 15% Mana cut on every monster’s death. He does that against Vanaheim heroes too, but it’s a far more noticable perk in the world map stages.

does baldurs special trigger also if he has boosted health by other heros e. g. gullinbursti or heimdall?

I’m a big fan of Baldur. Using him alongside Garnet and Heimdall is just one big troll on offense.

It’s like being a human attacker and having a mini AI turn before turning it over to the opposing AI.

Baldur might not be the best 5⭐️ Hero but he might be Top-5 most fun to use.

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No. He must trigger his special first. Of course once he does Heimdall and co. help a lot for him to stay that way, but they can’t trigger it for him.

I have baldur with 16 emblems, he was my first 5* red, considering I don’t have a big hero pool I don’t use him on defense.
So far my 5* up are him, Richard, Zocc, Francine, Joon and quintus costumed.

My raid defense is reversed Richard, boltusk costume, quintus costume, Joon, Francine.

Offense with a level 9 ninja troop: I really like him, once he goes off he does a lot of damage and often saved me in desperate situations. I recall having only him alive fully boosted against 4 half hp heroes and still managing to grab the win.
Mono attack combined with boltusk Wilbur kelile and colen it works really well.
3/2 I’ll go with boltusk + kelile or colen depending and the two other heroes.
I often beat teams 4k5+ with telluria as tank going 3/2 red green (Francine + zocc or caedmon costume) or red sacred (myst + joon).

As a lot of people said you really need to have heroes supporting him so he could work well in defense. Since my hero pool is quiet poor I only use him in tournament or war on the wing at very fast speed.

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