📯 Baldur – Season 3 Hero – 5* Fire/Red: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

My only other 5*red is Azlar so I’m very happy to have someone new. Love him so far and working on him atm (3-11) I will max and emblem him (no other good ranger except Gregorion) and use him in attack and defense.

With a healer and/or a minion summoner (like Freya or Telluria) he’s really sturdy and keeps attacking once special has gone off once

Hmmm, maybe it’s time to give Baldur some love since he was buffed.


I have both Anzogh (18 emblems) and Baldur (5 emblems) and Marjana on my Anti Telluria team. Baldur replaced Boldtusk and it was a definite upgrade. I think Anzogh is a bit better but they are very different and this may change as Baldur catches up on Emblems.

Baldur’s sniping is helpful at times but not a game changer. His attack stat helps with tile damage and he is a damage sponge. I think these are more relevant.

Anzogh has been effective on my defense team. I haven’t tried Baldur but his defense stat seems too low.

In a raid, Anzogh is better early, but Baldur is better late so they sort of complement each other.


Has anyone paired Baldur and Heimdell together? If either goes off, they are basically locking Baldur in for 150% damage every single turn. I think those two together can have great synergy and really make Baldur shine

That’s a big no, for Heimdall:
[📯 Baldur – Season 3 Hero – 5* Fire/Red: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback]

Baldur needs too much assistance to shine.

There are so many heroes that rely on a good synergy to be good. I named Baldur with ONE other hero and that’s it. That’s not “need too much assistance” when tons of others needs ONE other hero to reach full potential. Plus, all i did was ask if anyone has tried those two together - I wasn’t claiming he is suddenly amazing I was just foreseeing a possible synergy and was curious for those who have tried those two together.

I’ve tried out baldur with a number of builds, he’s not as awful as made out to be but he’s also not a match changing hero either. When he charges he almost maxes his health anyway so he doesn’t need heim really but certainly could work… most fun team I’ve had him on was tyr, freya, gm, bera, baldur… this team put on a lot of pressure when it was going well, so many ticks of damage every turn it made it quite fun, biggest problem being that you couldn’t target kill any hero so had to be careful vs teams with team wipe type wings (Finley Killhare, but even vs them, if you’re ahead, you aren’t real concerned as the team self sustained very well). If I could reset a red, I’d really like to max baldy, but as we can’t… not sure he’ll see rings with the new reds coming up.

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He’s better with Wilbur and Santa or whatever defense dropping hero one equips. Completely worthless in no heal/resurrection tourney for those with very limited library of heroes.

After Baldur is buffed, Baldur on the wings in a competitive battle is very annoying. If I can’t shave his HP with tiles, it’s painful to give a gradual death with annoying damage every turn.

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I regularly run Baldur with Heimdall, and he is very useful for keeping Baldur in boosted health mode. I’ve found them to be an effective combo on offense and defense.


Is he more than worth it to train now since his damage has increased to 165%?

I think he’s pretty good. I just faced him in a raid. He was hitting for ~265 damage (per turn) on highly emblemed heroes when his health was up. That’s pretty good IMO. The problem is that you can’t target who gets hit (or can you?). If you can target a specific enemy he definitely is worth it.

so how do we counter him?..

He stood tall today by himself on the enemy’s side for a few flags just like you said. He’s tough for weaker teams to take out because that heal is so huge. He’s decent. Do you know if you can target his 165% slash attack? If you can he’d be awesome on offense.

Edit: nope, the slash attack is random. Then yeah, he’s still meh IMO.

If he can target and reduce 10% mana at the same time, he’ll be godly


All in all still not enough of a change to consider levelling him up by the sound of it? Shame, being a featured hero and all… lack lustre still

Baldur must either become deadly or be able to target enemies to become more widely used.

As he currently stands it is giving AI control of a critical element of your attacking team. Baldur easily falls into the trap of hitting a defender with riposte up (mainly Sif) which you would not do in most circumstances. Nor is there any certainty about targeting the badly wounded for a kill. Steady damage is nice but minions can give you a steady 250 damage to the enemy team and they act as pseudo healing for your entire team rather than just Baldur.

Baldur is one of many recent heroes that have great concepts but fail to be truly effective in execution.

Yes, I know that there are now real counter-minion heroes so minions are not a perfect solution but remain more effective than Baldur IF you are able to choose between the two options.

@Tidyup’s proposal would also work wonders for Baldur’s appeal.

I believe the obstacle to this is that it adds a completely new effect to Baldur’s special and changes his niche (to an excellent niche) which I doubt SG wants to do. That said, it would make Baldur much, much more effective.

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@Sternman @Homaclese

Do you think that Baldur would work well with minion summoners? Thinking of pairing him with Noor or Santa. Or any minion summoner for that matter. :upside_down_face:

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There was a bit of a discussion around this somewhere and I think in theory it would work decently, with the minions protecting Baldur and help to keep his health high enough for the special to keep going. With his recent boost that might add up to a considerable on-going DOT.
Noor is good because they are both red, but she is a bit slower than Baldur so you would have to make the decision whether to fire him straight away or wait for her to catch up, depending on how the board and enemey mana is looking. Noor’s minions are also the sturdiest. Santa is also slow but his minions are not great so I don’t think he is as good a fit.
The faster minion makers Freya and Bera would also be good as they are sturdy and also much faster, although you just have to juggle the 2 color tiles to synch them up

SG never likes creating fun characters. Just add that mana cut into his other niches to make him into a serviceable character.
It’s not even that OP, just a way to mana control as much as possible. if against a team that’s going to charge all at once, one Baldur with that supposed mana cut isn’t going to stop them all
While I might get rid of the mana cut protection if possible because it’s situational, LOTL has been quite popular as a tank lately


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