📯 Baldur – Season 3 Hero – 5* Fire/Red: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Now that he has been Buffed, I’m wondering how those of you that have Baldur on your defensive teams are feeling about him in that role.

So far in this war my team has eaten up 5 flags on defense and 3 of them have been just Baldur by himself surviving as they get zeroes for their flags.

I have a second unleveled Baldy and I’m really thinking that a team of two Baldurs flanking Aegir wouls be difficult to beat.

Wondering if anyone else has him on D and how theyre feeling about him.

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Add custom tiburtus and wukong to aegir… thats my dream, dont steal it :stuck_out_tongue:

But I require one more Baldur

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Would you recommend baldur instead of anzogh for my next red project?

I have maxed mitsuko, black knight, marjana and ares.

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@zephyr1 @Guvnor

Baldur’s new card isn’t up. Isn’t he supposed to hit 150% to the target. That’s been instituted, right? Just like Khagan’s 360% to 3?

Yes. Lumi is still working thru the balance changes in his system.

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I have Baldur sitting at 3-70. I do have ascension materials but based on the past review he is sitting for trip into the tavern. I don’t see him in my defense team or likely in my anti-telly team. I have Mitsuko+18 &4-80, Zim+11, Anzogh4-80, Marijana+16,Khagan4-80, wilber +20, 3BT’s:+20,+18,4-80, Azlar3-70

Def team is Seshat+11,Drake+10,Telly+9,Vela+9,Marijanua+16
backbone of antiitelly in BT+20, Zim, Mits. then two that are opposite the flanks, often Mel+20,Eveylen+14

in war I try to go with a 3-2 attack but due to resources and opposition 2-2-1

so do I leave the brawler locked in jail hoping for something else that does better or throw him into the ring

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I bit the bullet and took him past 3.70, I’ll report back :stuck_out_tongue:

I am hoping he might be a fun flank to a Frigg tank, something fun and different for people to face.

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I appreciate your effort to build a novel defense. I’ll be sure to attack if I see it — will report back on how it goes.

When you use Baldur on the map (and probably in any quests), I think you can target which enemy Baldur will hit when you activate him by selecting an enemy. It doesn’t work in raids though, all targets are random.

Update: nevermind, it was RNG playing tricks on me. The hits are random.

Same here … if I can reset a hero and get the mats back, she would be first in line…

Testing my baldur at 1-1 in 8-7 I can not target an enemy, it’s just random who will be hitted

That is what his description tells.

Of course random hitting is described in his skill

I meant, the first hit (which was added by recent Baldur buffing). The hit when Baldur is activated.

Nevermind, I finally encountered a situation when Baldur didn’t hit the selected target. But he was hitting the selected target 6 times in a row before. So yes, his hits are all random.

Coming back to my question above.
Kindly asking for some experiences and advices?
Thank you. :pray:t2:

@zephyr1 Please update the original post, since Baldur’s special was buffed.

I believe @Guvnor is tracking updates for these.

im using baldur in a red stack of
Scarlett-willbur-boldtusk +19-baldur +6-gormek 3.60 and he is hitting very hard after the specials go on.

He is on my every defence team and i dont notice a big difference in trophies or war attacks of the enemies.
I think he is average for defence but a hero with quite the potential for offence. I look at his special as an endless DoT

I have a Baldur, I really like him. He’s gotten me through a couple of tight spots literally as the only hero I had left.

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In the last war, Baldur was the last man standing in my defense team and survived 7 attacks.

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