📯 Baldur – Season 3 Hero – 5* Fire/Red: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

If you seek a way to wrap your head around Baldur - imagine that he summons one big Minion, with 100% attack and max of 1000 HP (affected by troop bonus) and gives everyone immunity from mana cuts as long as this “minion” lives.

This is a direct equivalent of 5 other minions in both survival and damage.


If U play him with G Falcon he hit more than 300 every turn. Very cool

What if you played Marjana or any other red? Add in Wilber for good measure

hello, fix baldur-guardian gazelle, when buff-gazelle is working, baldur buged does not auto-attack (although the buff of life exceeds the norm) after the buff-gazelle ends, it still does not use the ability

This guy easy to kill, I will use the Perseus to block his healing receive and shot hit with sniper

Question! Baldur’s description says:

  • All allies resist effects that drain mana for as long as the caster has boosted health. This effect cannot be dispelled.
  • Deals 110% damage to a random enemy each turn for as long as the caster has boosted health. This effect cannot be dispelled.

These are “passive states” being active while boosted.
According to semantics these abilities should trigger with Heimdall’s spell too imo.

So I don’t know right now if it’s a mechanical bug. If not I recommend to modify the description.

I agree, these effects should activate with Heimdhal’s special IF Baldur’s special is activated.

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I tried it with gullinbursti, it doesn’t work which is blatantly misleading

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Are you actually asking a question or just making a pedantic point?

I don’t see the issue. The description you cite is Baldur’s special skill. Of course it doesn’t trigger unless you fire his special skill. And the effects last “for as long as he has boosted health,” just as it says. If he dips below boosted health, you have to activate his special skill again.

Heimdall is very helpful for maintaining Baldur’s boosted health.

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I don’t think that’s so straightforward. I mean, sure one can read that way but apparently others got confused as well. Most description says something like “deals, gets, recovers, dispels etc.” that refers to activity. Instead in this case “as long as the caster has boosted health” means a passive state which can be achieved in other ways as well (just like others profit from others’ buff like extra damage or defense).
Now since it’s quite a new mechanic, I think it would be luckier to describe it more precisely.

I tested him with Heimdall myself as well, so I already knew the answer. It’s supposed to be only a tip in case anyone is intereseted.

No they are not “passive” effects.

You must cast Baldur at least once to gain these buffs:


Red hood is a massive dissapointment imo. She does insignificant damage, minions are weak and if the minions are dead… she is useless. I wish I had never wasted mats on her.

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I find her pretty useful when combined with right heroes. She’s my first red one and I don’t regret using it.

Which heroes? I am dying to know what to do with him… Are we talking about Baldur, right?

I was answering to Zandas concerning Red Hood. About Baldur, I think he can be nice against Guinevere, Lady of the Lake or any other heroes cutting mana. And maybe his high tile damage can be useful against green titans.

Is he worth the rings? Ive got Mits+16, Mits4-80, Marijuana+17,Zim+11, 3BT’s, +20,+18,4-80 with costume, Anzogh, Khagn Wilber+20. I also have Azlar 3-70 and two more Khagan1-1
part of my Telly team is Mitz, Zim BT. At 2700 cups Im >60% telly killer

Baldur wasn’t a bad hero before, but now with recent buffing (increasing damage to 150% and random attack on activation) he is a beast.

Here’s the reason why Baldur is good:

With modern buff duration, it is quite common to have buff/debuff that lasts 2, 3 or 4 turns. If you want to use those buffs/debuffs, you’ll need to time your specials or tile attacks right, which is usually quite hard to do.

For example, Black Knight buff is very powerful (up to 145% attack increase), but it only lasts 3 turns, and you can have hard time collecting tiles or fire your specials in that 3 turns. Same thing for defense debuffs, they usually are for 3-4 turns.

Baldur hits every turn after activating, so he can hit 4 times under Black Knight’s buff, each hit will be 300-400 damage. You don’t need to worry about timing anymore. All you need to worry is to protect Baldur from direct sniper hits, which BK does automatically.

There is also one problem with Baldur - if an enemy has Black Knight activated as well, Baldur will attack random heroes, and if he hits heroes other than Black Knight, the hit will not deal any damage.
I think this is the same for Queen of Hearts.

Stonecleave and Ameonna can also make Baldur miss.


Stonecleave‘s auto hits bypass riposte.
Assuming this is the same with baldur. Can someone confirm?

Add Wilbur and you will do some serious DoT at the same mana speed stacking with any other DoT in the game.
Wilburs def down will increase dam
Shared dam will accelerate the berserk of BK

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No, Baldur’s hits are regular special hits, they trigger riposte, can be dodged by Rogues, Inari/Margaret/C. Kadilen/C. Little John defense against specials buffs.

But Baldur is a Ranger, his class talent allows him to bypass those buffs. I think he cannot bypass the Rogue’s dodge ability, but I’m not sure how to test this.

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