📯 Baldur – Season 3 Hero – 5* Fire/Red: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Please show the videoproof of this case, for ex 3 raid on the Tella center team 4500

Is his health boost considered as healing in the Bloody Battle tournament?

Yes, same for Heimdall, Gullinbursti and Grevle
Edit: and costume Kashhrek



Thread: Health Boosting in Bloody Battle

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I pulled him yesterday, I think he can be really nice in defense. Maybe with Guenenevere in tank, Lady of the Lake on right flank and him on left flank ? What do you think about this defensive configuration ?

Anybody experience with him?

Met him once on wing and he wasn’t a threat at all. I just took him out last. Took a while, but his damage wasn’t impressive.

I’ve only used him a few times in raids at 3/70 and just couldn’t convince myself to use the rings on him. I like the idea of an unkillable punchy pipsqueak, but he’s both incredibly harmless and way less unkillable than I’d like. I’m curious how to help him without ruining his interesting and unique mechanic. Maybe broaden his mana protection (as others have suggested) and give him a small mana boost with each punch?

I use Baldur at 3/70 and will give him rings soon. In offense, on upper diamond arena, under Wilbur’s defense down buff, he hits for around 200-250 damage each turn and is, essentially a bullet sponge which can survive several direct hits from a sniper after he activates his special. Mana cut protection is good against Lady of the Lake and other nasty heroes like Guin, Neith and Mitsuko.

I have stripped down emblems from my Mireweave (totally disappointed in her) and will give Baldur emblems so he can hit more.


Not sure Baldur will be any good for defense (to be fair, putting too much emphasis on the defense team isn’t even that smart, as we don’t get to do anything; our opponents are the ones having fun with it). However he’s A LOT of fun playing on offense. As long as his health is boosted he is practically immortal. Plus, while he’s boosted, all allies are protected from mana reduction. Definitely a fun hero to use.

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Instead of mana cut protection, how about having taunt as long as he has boosted health? And give him a certain amount of special Def along the way. It also fits into the brawler aspect of him taunting the enemies with his power

I tried with gullinbursti firing first to gain boosted health, he couldn’t even activate the mana protection on the ally. Because the way the card effect writes, AS LONG AS he has boosted health. But no, Baldur has to activate it first…lame :unamused:

Mana cut protection for all health boosted allies would be nice.

Sadly Baldur only does sth for himself. Maybe he’s to be paired with other selfish heroes.

I have a follow-up, based on some experience with Baldur on 4/72. After giving him rings, his damage didn’t increase that much, but his survivability has been increased significantly. Several times he saved the completely failed raids by facing 3 remaining enemies alone. Without defense down/attack up, he usually hits enemy heroes (+20 emblems) with about 90-110 damage, which is very helpful in the endgame when you can ghost all the tiles you don’t need to extend the battle until you get enough red tiles.

Basically, if you like Morgan Le Fey, you will like Baldur. The difference is - Baldur is not afraid of Monks, heals up first and hits later, and has a good attack-up and defense-down synergy with G. Falcon, Wilbur and red attack buffers like Boldtusk, Black Knight, Zimkitha etc.

I also use him in my War defense team on a wing in last 2 wars, and I saw several times that Baldur is the last man standing after an unsuccessful attack. I bet that it will be even better in Field Aid wars.

Unfortunately, all the emblems I stripped from Mireweave I gave to costumed Tiburtus, so I will need to collect another set to boost Baldur’s attack and defense. No need to boost his health though.


Which heroes that cut mana he block? Not Onatel, not neith… only Guinevre?

Guinevere, Neith, Chao, Mitsuko, Li Xiu, Gan Ju, Azar, Leonidas, Carver. Those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head.

I’m sure if it’s all mana heroes, we’d be a lot happier like Poseidon

Yeahhh, I have him at 3.70 and am underwhelmed :frowning:

Can you think of any Legendary that is worse than Baldur?

Some would say Noor, Obakan…

I guess I’m in the minority, but I’m finding him to be very useful on offense. I’ve been testing him at 3.70 and fully intend to max him. I fire his special as early as possible, and then use Heimdall and Baldur’s special again to keep him in “boosted health” mode. He’s stayed in boosted health mode the entire battle multiple times for me. I know his damage doesn’t sound like much, but it adds up when it’s firing every single turn during the whole battle. At 4.80 I think it will be fairly significant.

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