📯 Baldur – Season 3 Hero – 5* Fire/Red: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

You’d prefer him over boss wolf, anzogh and Sargasso? Baldur can be extremely good if used in the right team. He’s not only super bulky, he prevents mana reduction (crucial) AND hits non stop. If you get to keep him alive and boost the attack, the whole team benefits from it

Boss Wolf at least can be a decent tank, Anzogh paired with Willbur does great damage and heals, Sargaso does 355% direct dmg and can be useful in field aid wars. What Baldur does is absorb tiles on defense and keeps on sniffing his armpits. On offense he does 5-10% dmg with his skill on random enemy, which is irrelevant since you want to kill the most dangerous heroes asap, speed is the key to the game in meta. Only reason he got released the way he is, is because nobody cared about him in beta, everyone were so into nerf GTV combo that they just let him be… that’s what happens when you release a lot of content with ■■■■ quality just to satisfy the p(l)ayers :slight_smile:

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Does anyone have any thought on him on Titans? I have tried it (not final ascension) and although he is quite immortal (especially with Wilbur along) the auto attack damage doesn’t seem to compensate for the lost time of his auto attack. I’m seriously wondering if I should ascend him over 3/70

Special for you deep sh… T

Nice bug with Gazelle lol


Baldur is definitely not a Titan attacker. His puny special damage, along with the constant activations slowing your tile matching, will always hurt your total damage. Elena is a better Titan attacker; heck, even most 4* Red heroes are better at Titan damage than this guy and his little plink damage.

He’s probably not going to be terribly good at timed Challenge events for the same reason, although he might have some use in clearing out enemies in the corner.

Similarly his mostly selfish kit makes him inappropriate for most raid offense; only against people like Guinevere, Lady of the Lake, or Neith who directly damage mana might he find some use, but that’s a rather specialized unit, especially in the age of Telluria. Similarly for raid defense he just doesn’t have a place: his kit is too selfish for wall or flank, and he can’t do enough damage to be useful as a wing/sniper, so there’s really nothing to be done with him.

War defence? Soaking up all those flags, preventing the reset? Probably not at top level but at the level of war my Alliance is at I’d imagine he would be more annoying to the enemy than to us :grinning:

I’d imagine you just don’t use his special on titans. Just bring him for tile damage?

Hahah, thank you making my dream baldur setup and recording it, much respect :slight_smile:

And we even found a bug with guardian gazelle. Thats how you know, it would be too strong if he would fire. // probably cant fire , beacuse gazelle doesnt allow buffs.

Can you do same video, but instead of gazelle, try it with Wukong? Hopefully you can recreate match, where every shoots their specials, like here.

Bad idea, i fight 6 raid and no one win max baldur hits 150 point by wokong and miss 60%

You will be suprised how much he hits with wu buff.

Still, he negates a bit miss chance with two tries…

By no means I am saying he is good enough. He needs a bit of boost

Testing Baldur the red team but its too much lucky stones of the floor…

I think if Baldur boosted the health of the whole team or just nearby it would make a lot of difference. This guy doesn’t reeeaaallly help the team. His 110% is just crushed nuts. :-1:

Great image though. :purple_heart:

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Lol maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll buff him next year :crossed_fingers:

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I pulled him yesterday and was excited reading a review at http://playing2win.online/empires-and-puzzles/baldur-hero-review/.

But then the next review was this thread and I got disappointed.

LOL. From that site:

Baldur Hero Grade/Rating

Offence – A
Defence Wing – C
Defence Flank – A
Defence Tank – B
Titan – A
Tournaments Bloody Battle – A
Tournaments Rush Attack – B
Tournaments Buff Booster – A
Overall A

he just needs two minor tweaks for him to be good and usable. First, that continuous attack at the end of the turn can be targeted. Second, that attack reduces 10% mana. So it’s just like lady of the lake but targetable and he lasts longer. You make him target the tank and the tank can forget about firing as long as he’s there. And if he could control where he hits, will be incredibly disruptive in offence to mess up the Def side


In the Sands i used Baldur with Gulli with interesting effect. Baldur is death by a 1000 cuts. He gained more respect because he keep firing while all the other hero’s are charging. Her fires while the tiles ghost. He’s an 3-55 but I doubt he will get his 4th chevron since I have a second Mits at 1-1. So he is like be used for lower levels to the Tavern

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Thats exactly what makes him so great. Its easy to keep his boosted HP up and then he just fires and fires and fires and fires. Even better if attack boosted, a non-stopping shooter who causes more damage than many others. I really dont get all the hate against him. If used right, he is awesome!

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Maybe one of his supporters could post a video of Baldur in action, to showcase how awesome he could be? I need a Red project and I’m willing to be converted. :grin:


That was awsome, hope you see more of you.

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