📯 Baldur – Season 3 Hero – 5* Fire/Red: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

  1. Useful in offense with some supporting heroes (like Wilbur and Black Knight).
  2. In defense, he shines on Alliance Wars, on all war rules except equality. Can make enemies score 0 points if he is a last man standing in the corner.
  3. I emblemed mine with attack and health path, and my Lianna doesn’t have any emblems yet. YMMW.
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So it’s position is wing ? His defense is weak , so defense path keep him alive , am I correct?

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So, my idea is to make him very healthy, because the health will be doubled when he casts several times. Good attack is also needed to deal significant damage.

When you position Baldur in defense on the wing, he will be hit with only 2 lines of tiles, that will act as a defense mechanism.

In offense, other methods like WIlbur can provide enough protection to keep his health above 100% all the time.

So my Baldur has stats of 921/732/1473, and his finishing strike (that wipes out all the remaining enemies on the board), deals around 750 damage.


I am glad that I didn’t listen to the majority of negative feedback on him.

I run him in a mono red with C BT, G Falcon, Gefjon, Wilbur and he is very effective in this team. For a few turns after he gives a good DOT to all (big damage to one if his bypass ability kicks in) after which he slowly but steadily picks off the remainders of the opposition even if your tiles dry up.

I have gone attack path first, defense second (although most of the attacks are paired with health for rangers). His defense is low but he just needs to survive for 9 tiles then he gets his super health boost and will outlive the rest of your team.

Running him as tank in this 5* no blue rush tourney and the defense record is 7-1 so far.

I imagine he would be great against a Jade team as not only is he strong color against her but he also negates her mana cut. Don’t see too many of those unfortunately. I’ll also try him with a Noor replacing Gefjon vs Freya tanks - Wilbur can turn her defense up around, Noor can eliminate her minions, and Baldur will negate her mana cut on death

Most importantly - for me - he is an awesome addition to my auto farming team and lets me be a lot more hands off with this awful aspect of the game. Helped me to finish off about 10 hard provinces in this last VF

Edit - first attempt vs freya worked well. Death by a thousand cuts/pecks

Attempt 2

The mana cut prevention works well…

Third attempt - jf proves tricky for this team

4th… went a bit wrong but showcases baldurs last man standing abilities


Attack path for him is useful in offense as well as defense based on ur experience so far ?

Could you test Baldur vs Lady of the Lakes and Mitsuko ? Can her skill protect mana cut from minion and Mitsuko ? I found that there might be bug.

So far yes.
I figure at tank he will never be a 4 tile mono hero. Not mono? He will use his special most of the time and will get the big health boost.

Trying him at wing now and will see how he performs there

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Once u found out share the result which will help a lot . Now I’m start to level him up , it takes lot of days

I have Baldur maxed and use him on my main mono red war team and when I raid with my mono red team. I think he’s very underrated. He’s won a bunch of battles for me because of his special. Baldur hitting after every turn is what saved me all those times it was a close battle. I’ve been considering putting emblems on him because I use him often and i don’t have many 5* rangers.

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Who are the others in Your main red mono?

Zimkitha, GM, Marjana and Tyr

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Thanks for the videos. I have 12 rings. I was for a 2nd or 3rd Gefjon, or 2nd Gefjon and 1st Marjana, or a 2nd Gefjon and a 2nd Lady Loki. But for sure 1 pair of ring will go to Baldur. Awesome!

Been successful tank in this tournament (rush attack, no blue). I paired him next to Sif with the thought that if Sif goes off, he’s going to a real pain to kill. Defense ranked ‘A’ so far.

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I beg to differ. He has just about the highest attack value of any red. That combined with his DOT (which you can basically keep going over the whole 90 seconds) will add up to quite a significant chunk - for me I have found I get an extra 10 or 20K each hit from replacing Gefjon with him on 14* titans. His ongoing special barely loses any time, which you can anyway use to have a quick think. With Wilbur, Shadereave, Guardian Falcon and Ranvir in play he will do about 1500 damage each turn (so averages out to 1000 when looking at the misses).

This last titan I had 7 hits (levelled up) and averaged 66k each hit

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Very useless hero… 9 stones are needed + 23 mana units, only after he hits random target 240+, this is very bad, after 9 stones every turn to live under a strong team is fantastic, to get the maximum from its usefulness, you need to make a lot of moves, this is not possible under a strong team

I also started using him on titans just because of attack stat. But you loose time due to special. In any case, it is incredible on map stages. I use finley baldur heimdall norns and mushasi on autoplay on s4 hard stages now.

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A bit yes, but overall I am getting significantly better scores

Yes absolutely - and I LOVE heroes that reduce my need to waste time on boring PVE stuff

Or 17 plus emblems


Have a look at my videos above. Happy to post some more. You just need to figure out what kind of team he would fit well in. I find that he works super well with Wilbur (say it with me - Wilbur and Baldur, Baldur and Wilbur - the names alone tell you they were destined to be bosom buddies).


I don’t play with one color, and take any other red 9 stones, it’s almost a winning fight … I’ll take the same Scarlet to my team … what I want to say is this baldur hero, useless, very little useful with 9 stones, ps this is my opinion and no one will convince him (while he is in this form)

Ok here, take 2 colors

Admittedly not the best matchup as Jade is in the mix

This one is much better:

Nope - even with the strongest heroes these days against if it takes you a little while to get those 9 tiles then its definitely not a guaranteed win

Comparing Scarlet to Baldur? That’s pretty… wow. She will have far less impact on the game than Baldur. In fact she will be a complete liability as she will shatter into a thousand pieces before she uses her special - and even if she does manage to get it off it will hardly have an impact.

Baldur will:

  • Strengthen red stack significantly
  • Self heal a monster amount
  • Whittle down enemies even when tiles run dry - paried with Baldur and any other buffers/debuffers the damage/DOT gets pretty significant and if manage well it WON"T STOP. You can create a multi color survival team around him and have a good chance of winning against most opponents (i.e. those with no or few healing heroes)
  • Prevent mana cuts - significant when playing vs Bera and Freya tanks. That is why I have him set up as my dedicated anti-Freya team
  • Have a strong chance to win in a “last man standing” scenario

By the way I am not trying to educate you on Baldur, I recognise this is a lost cause. I am giving an informed opinion to anyone else who may be reading this.


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