Baldur or Mitsuko?

I have boouth baldur and mitsuko, but i have a material ascenssion just for one of them…

In most cases mitsuko, unless you wish to build around healing dmg dealers.

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Thnks man , i have marjana too, but i dont know, i think mitsuko and baldur more powerfull…

Mitsuko all day and all night.

Then second Mitsuko.

Then either Marj or third Mitsuko.

Maybe after all that, if not lucky enough to score anything else, maybe Baldur… But very few red 5* don’t come before him - he’s seriously niche.


Mits 100 percent.

20 yes votes


In my honest opinion I would focus on Mitsuko first
You really won’t be disappointed
Whichever hero you choose good luck


You will want Baldur when Guin is back as a top tier tank.

Until then, Mitsuko.


I have Mitsuko and she is getting all my sorcerer emblems right now.

She’s strong against green - most used tank in the game right now is green.

She reflects blue skills - most used flank in the game is blue (Vela) and one of the strongest wings is also blue (Finley, and among other really good ones too).

Mitsuko is a very strong hero in this current meta, and unless blue tanks overtake the meta (very doubtful unless they release a crazy blue tank hero), Mitsuko is always going to be a strong hero.

Personally I didn’t think much of Baldur when I tried him in Beta – I do have Red Hood as well though, and she does the same thing as him but better since she heals all allies too over just himself, so maybe my red bench is too good to ever consider Baldur.


As a very known person said in an interview, Mitsuko, because she can handle with two elements (green and blue) and one of them the element shes weak to.


I have both maxed and I would say it depends on the depth of your roster. Mitsuko is far more versatile and effective against green tanks with damaging ice flanks—but Baldur has amazing stats and seems to be performing better on my defence than Mits.

Neither are a bad choice, but Baldur is far more niche and a little harder to use properly.

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Junk vs mitsuko. Choose mitsuko of coursw

Baldur is far from junk anymore after his buff.

On first cast, he already does 300% dmg. Next turn, he is already in sniper domain (450% total dmg) and he can take any sniper there is and still be close to full health…

Problem is his focus, but that would make him among strongest champs in game… In current form, he is very solid one.

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Are u sure the one u talked about is baldur? His damage only 150%

Yes. First hit is on cast, second at the end of same round, so 150 + 150% = :slight_smile:

That’s an interesting way of looking at it but due to damage calculation 2 hits of 150% is less overall damage than 1 hit of 300%.

In the same way, the subsequent hits eg 3rd 150% hit is less damage than a single 450% hit and the difference gets bigger each time so it’s not really an appropriate way to look at it especially as they are randomly targeted.

Not saying he’s bad necessarily but you can’t compare to snipers

More appropriately I would compare to a hit all at 150% (like Vela/zeline dmg territory) which takes 4 turns to deal the damage rather than all in one go, as the damage overall would be similar. The difference being depending on his health you may hit for fewer or more than 4 turns.

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didnt know about percentages calculation. ty

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FYI I’ve just done a quick calculation and in terms of overall damage dealt:

2 150% hits are similar to a single 250% hit (1 turn)
3 150% hits are similar to a single 340% hit (2 turns)
4 150% hits are similar to a single 420% hit (3)
5 150% hits are similar to a single 490% hit (4)

So still decent damage but obviously the total damage is given randomly and divided amongst enemy heroes. I’ve faced him on defence a few times after the buff and he hits around 200-250 each time which definitely is a pain but isn’t really a game changer unless there are other heroes around that can take advantage or that he can finish off. It’s like he’s got a super minion essentially. I’ve not leveled mine yet but I’m interested to try if I ever have a surplus of mats…

In terms of OP, my mats will be going to mitsuko first


I agree and Baldur can become a really powerful machine when combining with the right heroes, plus he stops mana reduction effects like the one from Mitsuko.

However, I’d still pick Mitsuko, simply because she’s more universal. Baldur still remains usable at 3/70 whatsoever, especially in mono teams.

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