Baldur Bug - Fired Special EVERY Turn During War

Anybody else encounter this? Regardless of his mana bar he fired literally every turn. At first I didn’t quite notice, then did and wondered his mana speed, then thought simply not possible after it happened more. I took a few screenshots, posting one here.

That’s normal. He will fire every turn as long as his health is boosted.


He was casting SS every turn, not just throwing dmg. After first cast he kept increasing health by 1000 every turn. Other alliance mates found same with this in our war.

Hard to tell without a video, but if he was increasing health by 1000 every turn, wouldn’t he be at full health?
The other thing to consider is that team also has Heimdall and Guillinbursti who both boost health, so is it possible that they fired and you are interpreting that as Baldur firing?

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This is what I think happened. I often pair Baldur with one of both of them. Between the three of them, once you get Baldur’s special to go off, you can keep it going off indefinitely.

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