Balbar bug - Underwild gens and mother nord

I have seen, that mother nord dont fall asleep when balbar hits her. Also underwild gems wake up enemys while minions dont do this.
This must ne a bug. Everything dont makes sense
The mother nord issue you see her at 17 sec

Mother North can block sleep from Balbar because of her class.
Underwild gems waking up sleeping enemy isn’t a bug, it (sadly) work as it should.


Dunno his card is this …

She takes damage, should go invisible,then her cleric class kicks in …surely that cant be a wake up call for her :confused:

Edit my bad cleric do somehow can block special skills to you yeah …? Just hardly ever seen ever happen to mine :roll_eyes:

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Balbar sleep is kinda like upgraded silence from Miki/Peters/Tettukh

Main difference is that sleep is explained on card and silence isn’t (but it should be, something like “While silenced the target can’t use special skill”)

So Balbar could have similar wording on card, like:
•Deals damage
•Target falls asleep
•Elemental link…

Clerics can block sleep because asleep targets can’t use special skills and their class prevents this.

And I guess I’m lucky because my Rigard does his mana shield quite often :sunglasses:


Mother North is a member of the Cleric Class. This means that she can resist any ailment that tinkers with her Mana.

In this case, Balbur’s “sleep” ailment specifically states "While asleep, the target can’t attack OR GAIN MANA.

This puts it into the category of ailments which can be resisted by the cleric class.

Note that there are 2 classes which can “resist” Balburs sleep ailment: Monk & Cleric.

As for the S4 Underwild Gem, it is not in the list of exclusions to “waking up once it takes damage”. The only two things specifically excluded are Minions and Fiends. All other forms of damage will wake the target up.


Thanks for the reply.
The part with mother north is very narrow. Just because she’s running out of mana. But well, shows once again where the journey is going with SG. There is more profit in the events, so the event heroes also get the mega power and the incidental bonuses MH are not interested.
But thats another case where we can talk on another place about :wink:

Balbar is a hero that needs to be developed. In this state, he cannot escape from being a substitute football player. and anyone who will soon transfer him to the lower roster.

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