Balbar broken?

I’m not seeing the 56% increased damage to a sleeping monster that I expected from the bio.

1 6-8 two green boss monsters. Same defense. Hit one with Balbar. (he’s pretty weak atm lol). Match 3 tiles right up the middle. Same damage to both, except for increased damage from one tile. Doesn’t matter what color.

So, I’m guessing the first tile is the only one to get the increased damage as opposed to the damaged delivered to a the monster in the damage turn. His bio reads “all damage dealt to the sleeping target”. It doesn’t say “first damage dealt”, which would be accurate.

Apparently he wakes after the first tile hits and then takes normal damage from then on. That is massively underwhelming. Is this working as intended?

Its not a bug, you can read on his card that sleeping target wakes up after receiving any type of damage (except minions/fiends) so only 1 tile hitting stronger works exactly like it should.


Ouch. Was hoping he’d be stronger. My first 5* green and I don’t have meaningful minion makers.

Will that damage increase stack with another character’s attack increase buff?

I’m pretty should it will work because Balbar’s sleep is debuff not typical attack buff.
Balbar is best paired with strong sniper, with this combo you can easly kill most of 5*.


Exactly this. Balbar then a sniper (Kingston, Garjammal etc etc) and they are dead.

Not sure that was the point of him but against some of big tanky heroes we have now having some boosted killing won’t always be a bad thing to have in the armoury


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