Balbar – 5* Nature / Green - November 2021 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

I’ve had Balbar sitting 3/70 for quite some time. Decided to give him tonics (I have plenty) and he is now at 4/50. Im actually really happy I have him because he ■■■■■ down opponents corner heroes. I was able to shut down Mother North in latest very fast war. I think he is situational but not bad as many seem to think.


That’s another great use for him . Have to have an almost isolated corner opponent but he can sleep their turns away for sure . I have to use him because of roster depth but he has some handy niche uses

Oops :speak_no_evil: hehe.

And yeah primarily, that should be how you take down wing heroes together with a sniper. Use him to also bring Kalo/mother north out of the equation. I would shut Kalo down to buy time and focus on killing mother north

So, I got Balbar in my Black Friday summons. Need to finish Silvaria in green, but I have no druids I’m excited about, so he can have as many as he wants. Will probably max him, because FTP. @Homaclese (or others), how are you feeling about Balbar going into 2023? Still have some niche use cases?

I would definitely level him on my FTP account - but it is only 2 months old. On my main he has sat at 3/70. I think he has a really good use case - sleeping bosses or heroes that are completely tucked behind other minions/bosses/heroes (kind of on the rare side though). A second good use case is to set up a 1-2 kill with a strong sniper. Thirdly it is putting to sleep a tricky wing and then focusing all tiles and specials on the opposite wing. This scenario is obviously far from fulproof though.

So at the end of the day I think it is very roster dependent, but he does seem to be a hero that requires a bit of strategising to make work, so whilst flawed he would be fun to use especially when the strategy works.


This sounds like what I was thinking. The kind of hero you curse when he doesn’t work and brag about when he does. I like to find a use for every hero I get.

He’s a endgame hero to stall out turns on enemies at the wings, something lepiota can’t do in wars

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