Balancing the Challenge Event rewards



I agree rare is crap. I was going to start leveling some 3* just to be able to do rare but realized it isn’t worth it. Although I will still level some of the cool 3* I have.

Holy is a tough group. I have enough depth for wars but it took a while to get them all.

Depending on your other 4* you could possibly complete epic and maybe even legendary with the right heros.

For example this event you didn’t want to use yellow because of reflect. Some may but I left mine home.


I’ll start tc20 in like 2 weeks. When 4* will come i’ll start thinking about that ett from epic. Until then i let the guy ‘above’ that said he can to do it 4 me :wink:


Players in our community come and go. Those famous ones will be here for a time, and then retire.

You work on your collection of cards, you do what you can each event, bettering yourself, and the lights will come eventually.

I have never tried to compete with the #1 player, because that’s not me…but I can find someone above me as my goal, and fight my way to them, besting them. Take it in bite-sized chunks and you’ll get there. :slight_smile:


Perhaps ban items in the event (and adjust the bosses accordingly), that would mitigate the cost for F2P/C2P players. Because I can hit top 3000, (and that’s fun), I have issues recovering in time for the next event.

You would still have an advantage for the top players (troops, heroes), but it lowers the participation treshold (and implicitly the rewards) for the mass of players outside of the top 500.


It’s not the items, it’s the flasks. I didn’t use any items today I hadn’t gained through farming. I burned through my four-month’s accumulation of WE flasks though, and used gems to buy some extra WE.


Do we have any items that can’t be gained through farming?


Just completing the first two tiers was reward enough for me since I’m only around 2900. I beat one level on epic. My reward was 3x silver tokens and I got a 3* from it I can use. I’m f2p and dont have resources to even attempt right now to climb up the ranking for better rewards. I will slowly continue to grow and work my way up. What I would like to see (if not already implemented) is a higher earned score for my play through if my hero rank was 3500ish. More gained points would give me a quicker jump up the ladder and would feel deserved for the time it took to create a stronger team. Only then would I even attempt at having more world energy on hand to compete. It would even give people at the top a little more friendly competition even if they were p2p. Right now my earned score for first tier was around 35,000 (single stage fight) even when my strength was about 2300.

I’m not complaining… yet :wink:


I’d rather take asc pulls instead of compasses for top100. I already have more than 20 compasses and I’ve been competing solely to get the avatars. Now that I’ve got all the epic event top100 avatars, I guess it’s time to try to compete in legendary or do something else. The compasses… :stuck_out_tongue:


My personal opinion…

The event is simply who can chuck the most flasks and items at it…
There is little skill in waiting for a good boards and blasting the enemy with as many items as possible.
the completion rewards are good compared to farming. I only go for completing, i dont need the 3* items but there always nice.
I do agree something needs to change, there does need to be a limit in retrys or somthing to make it more a skill based event. I mean top players flee the round after a few seconds and redo if boards are bad.


I believe that the way it has been set up now is very fair if the event’s goal is to create a different kind of competition (apart from Alliance Wars and Raiding) between players. Just as in sports, competing with the very top takes a tremendous amount of time, talent, money and occasionnally a bit of luck.

Time in order to obtain and level up heroes suitable enough for the job and the right ingredients to make the needed battle items. Enough free time during the event period to possibly keep improving your scores. Talent in order to read the board well and fast enough to anticipate what moves could possibly generate the best outcome. Money, could be spend on obtaining the right heroes, items and to use your free time more effectively by refilling your world energy. Luck, well, hello sweet boards.

The question isn’t simply wether the ‘‘veteran’’ players or players who possess these factors should have an advantage or not. With the current setup I think that those players should.

I rather ask the questions;

''Would there be a way to create a better event-price distribution and event setup for everyone (SG and players) involved?"

“Would this link up with the purpose of the events or does the goal of the events perhaps needs to be changed to gain more benefit for everyone (SG and players)?”

With benefit, I mean more than items or heroes. Great moods, positive minds, mutual appreciation etcetera. We often hear ''I hate this aspect of the game, so I won’t donate any more money to SG". But what if a good mood caused by those events could in fact increase their revenue instead?

I think that a different way is needed to motivate all players to spend a lot of effort in these events. As a developer you would want to see that happen, because you put a lot of time into it yourself. I think that at the moment the rewards are only worth it for a small group of players who participate. I think that is a missed opportunity, but it maybe fits in with the goal.

Some interesting ideas have been suggested already.


I’d say one thing to improve, would be to add another “ranking” under the top100, which would show your position and maybe 10-15 ppl above and below you. This is should not be too hard to do.


World energy flasks.


Thank you. I’ve never thought of them as a battle item, though. And you used them for sure. You stated that in the same post. :wink:


This. At the top tier, the skill is not in manipulating the board, but rather quickly reading the board, trying the best move, and (usually) moving on. Even Legendary 10 can be cleared with just a single move on a great board at the beginning, plus the right items and heroes.

Doing well with non-optimized heroes/boards does require skill. Winnng requires endurance and world energy.


Thats my point. There are lots of youtube videos showing top10 hits in event. It consists of a few gem moves blast with items bombs axes and dragon, and some tornados. Its just use a pile of flasks and gems waiting for a good enough starting board.
I agree that on a not good starting board skill is needed.


Don’t forget to vote for this topic if it is something you believe strongly in.


The main problem with the current format of the Challenge Events is, that nevertheless of your hero roster, if you want to reach the top places you are forced to pay with a real money. A lot. Because you need to wait for superb boards, which costs you a ton of world energy. Sure, there is always a possibility to get a superb score without rerolls, but with 10 stages, it would be like to win 1st prize in a national lottery. I would recommend a limitation for a number of attempts for every stage. I can imagine a number between 3 and 10. It would still favour top players/heavy spenders, because of their broad rosters and thanks to that, the ability to set up a “dream team”. But on the other side, the results will become much more unpredictable, much more people will have a real chance to fight for a top result.


I don’t like, that limited attacks, even that I don’t like players pressing flee, everytime they got bad board.

How about, pressing flee would decrease second attack score? Same with closing app in begin. Maybe with time limit, like if you already played 5 minutes, that wouldn’t effect anymore.

That would take away, that hunt for good board. :wink:


Balancing the challenge event seems to me really important and I hope it is not like it is because of money :money_mouth_face:


I sort of posted this already but think it better fits here.

Just some mechanics for events

Health bonus: pretty obvious and can be obtained by choosing the right teams and making sure everyone is healed before finishing. This requires some skill with choosing teams and knowing when to utilize a hero. Nothing wrong here

Time bonus: this requires a strategy for item, tile, and special use. Also need to be a quick thinker and quick player. I see skill in this category so nothing wrong here

Match bonus: calculated by average combo. So if a player gets a 10 combo, a 1 combo, and a 1 combo the bonus is calculated as a 4 combo. A 1 combo or 0 combo can kill this category. This is where the replays come in. This category is based solely on board luck (which tiles come up to combo) yes a player can say they made a move to strategically match something else but really it is all luck of the tiles moving upward. This scoring mechanism is the reason why the top finishers replay and flee and replay and flee. We are looking for that massive combo to unload items on.

One solution: limit replays. This I am not a fan of because it does not solve the real issue. It would mean the person with the luckiest boards at the given times they ran the level would win. Not based off skill but pure luck of the boards still. The smart player would also be at a disadvantage because despite their skillset they are at the mercy of board luck alone.

Another solution: why not remove that scoring mechanism altogether? Base the score off of health and time? One would still need to be able to make good matches to do enough damage in a decent amount of time but they wouldn’t be limited by a good board with bad combos. This would lesson the need to constantly farm for a good combo board. Almost just a what can I do to work with what I have board or one can still use WE flasks and gems to find new boards but the advantage isn’t as big

I do agree the current setup is a bit flawed when literally all it takes is replay and flee until you find the right combo but that is really the only way nowadays to really score big so we do it. The match scoring makes events literally all about luck and searching for a perfect board. To place #1 in events it’s almost like you only make 1 move in stages 1-5 that to me is not a match bonus but a lucky board.