Balancing the Challenge Event rewards

To the developers at SG, I think it’s time that the challenge event loot/rewards be done a different way because it’s starting to get a little ridiculous seeing the same ten or so players at the top of the leader-boards for 2 out of 3 (or sometimes even all 3) of the event tiers. I understand that everyone wants to win the top reward, but at the same time, only a few actually do. Right now, if you go and check the leaders for the epic and legendary tiers many of them already have a guardian panther and other top tier event heroes (some even have multiples), yet they are well on their way to getting another. Knowing this makes playing the events kinda moot because I know I’m never going to have a shot, so here is my solution. Change the rewards.

For first place, the winner should receive 15x epic hero and troop tokens as well as a full set of ascension items (6x rings, spy glasses, tonics, tabards, darts, DB and tomes) and 3000 gems. That should be good enough for the players who always win.

For places 2-10, give them a fraction of what you gave first place and be done with it.

For everyone else, give them something suitable so that way they won’t complain.
But for the completion of the tier, everyone should be given a separate opportunity to pull the heroes that are usually awarded to first place, meaning people who would never get that far (such as myself and 2/3 of my alliance) could be given a better shot at getting stronger and obtaining heroes that they would normally never gain access to. Even if the chance of pulling one or more of the legendary/epic heroes is only 5%, that would be enough to encourage players to play through the challenge event.

As it stands right now, I’m not very enthused by the events because I know, deep down, that they don’t really matter because I’m not strong enough, nor are my pockets deep enough that I can place higher than 1000th place.

Please take this into consideration and know that, even if you implement something like this SG, you still won’t lose money (especially if you start doing 4* ascension item buys during, because people would be more likely to buy the ascension pack deals if they knew that they had a better shot of getting an epic/legendary hero just for completing the challenge).

Take a look at this @Rook @Air @AirHawk @Petri @Kerridoc @_John_Doe @Sara

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You are right. I’m a f2p player and the only thing i like about these challenge quest is that i get a we flask.

Strategically speaking aint worth doing the challenge. You put more time, effort and we for just a drop from mistic vision when lucky.

Myself I do max the first stage of each tier just to get that 3xsilver token. And I do this if I just happen to have monster chest just opened and I dont need to farm right away for iron.

@Petri @EmpiresPuzzles you want me to challenge myself and do all the stages?
Put more attractive prizes, put checkpoints with prizes; think about how I should challenge myself first for decent rewards.
If all you care is money from deeppockets players, then this is a way to do it.

But just for them, not for me.
This challenge quests just adds more unnecesary ram usage to my device. And only that!

:smiley: Thank you


Being a C2P player I just finish all three stages in order to get the free rewards. I do believe it is worth spending the world energy as I still need the ascension materials.

1 Warm Cape, 1 Hidden Blade, 2 Magic Orbs, 1 Compass, 1 Troop Token and 1 Epic Hero Token.

I don’t think that is something I should complain about.


I do not think that the rewards for ranks 11-100 are actually worth the effort and materials. Except the Epic Hero/Troop token and World Energy Flask everything else is farmable. But even these tokens are not worth the effort for me considering the low odds and hero bench I already have.

The Compasses (2) within ranks 11-100 are fine, but that’s it to me. Receiving a significant amount of farmables is nice, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t think it’s worth the effort or spending exactly those materials in the process of getting there.

11-100 got a bit better thanks to 2 Warm Capes and 2 Compasses…but still?

The return on investment, time-wise and material-wise, is just not there unless you sneak into the top 10. That’s 30 players out of the entire player-base.


@King_Kyree77 and @_John_Doe

You get some flasks, some farmable, some gold token and an ascencion mat and it’s not worth your time…

Yes this an event for the RICH and top players.

It is advanced content and if the rewards are not good enough for you ( they are for me since I am ftp ) then you dont play it.

I think thats the one event that is pay to win and you still need the necessary skill to win if you pay. :smile:

Wish you best of luck and enjoy the rest of the game.



Exactly my point.

This event is for you only. Happy spending! :smiley:

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Rewards in events have always been an issue. I always thought that all of the game’s parts are supposed to be fun for everyone. You have different levels (tiers) for raiding, different levels (stars) of titans etc. so everyone can have fun on whatever level they are in.

Events are different. Spending a lot of battle items or replaying lost levels for gems is just not worth it for low and mid-level players. Yes, the completion rewards are cool, also it’s cool that you only need to participate to get a reward (silver token). But the range of rewards in higher tiers is just weird and not worth trying for.

The solution would be to buff the stages rewards. Now when you finish any of 10 levels in Rare, Epic or Legendary rewards for it are basically same as farming. And that’s one of the reasons many players just finish 1 level of each, get their silver tokens and move on. Because a) they know they won’t be strong enough to finish the whole stage to get the completion reward and b) pushing for more levels (often combined with using a lot of battle items) is just not worth the loot you get, it’s better to use that world energy to farm the map. I was like this few months back before I was able to easily complete Rare, Epic and Legendary. I would give up half way through Epic cause it wasn’t worth it and just played through 1 or 2 levels of Legendary to get the silver token. But that was it.
If the loot of every level was multiplied it would be more fun for all players to push for that extra level. 7x dragon bones and 15x arrows sounds way more tempting than 1 dragon bone and 1 arrow we get now.


@Razor, @Hrothgor @Kikyo, add anyone to this thread that you’d like, but we need support for this change IF it’s something you think needs to be fixed. @Uclapack @Atotengky1 @nes @Tyrna_Warblood @Quarks123 @Romarios3773


Ahhhh……thats a good Point which I could fully support. :smile:

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Maybe you missed the part where I wrote I am ftp and for that reason the stage rewards are important to me. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Anyway I have nothing against a little buffing of the stage rewards.


@Elayanith, imagine you were f2p and you completed the legendary tier and went to collect your rewards and you were greeted with a panther or owl? That’s my main point. To distribute the legendary and epic heroes to people who would never be able to claim them otherwise. True it would just be a chance, but it would be enough of an incentive to get people interested.


Sorry mate, I don’t actually believe the rewards are insufficient. I just feel strange that I never get any close to a sensible reward. There are too many players now and it has never been adjusted.

What I’d really appreciate though is something like you can see on e.g. Angry Birds Blast. Every level has it’s own leader-board showing your place (and first 100 players) for that level. At least if I’m not able to compete in whole section, I can be within 100 top within one level :wink:


This is why I said it is good for you only; not for me.

I dont think you can do whole stages for gold tokens without spending - if you do; good for you - it’s still just for you and not for me. :slight_smile:

I actually also think, that rewards aren’t worth of trying to top100. After a awile, pretty much everyone have compasses and so on. Even our alliances f2p players have plenty of those now days. I can imagine those are worth to those, who haven’t played so long time. But after 1,5 year. Those aren’t so hard to get.
And also lack of some heroes made me think, that I’m not going to make there this time(or in any other event) Panther is key hero of this event and without that, it’s harder to climb there.
And I really would like to see new names there also. :wink: It’s depressing seeing all same players there all the time. Even that I know all of those are excellent players better than many others.


My point in these posts, and its not different now, is just expand the tiers to be commensurate with the GROWTH in participation. What worked on the first event when we were X numbers of players vs 3x or whatever we are isn’t working.


What you describe (staged rewards) sounds a lot like the seasonal events. I think there’s enough room for both kinds of events.

The best idea I’ve heard along these lines is to have some reward tiers (above Completion but not to Top 10) should be awarded based on a defined Master Score. Set the cutpoints (in advance) to give approximately the intended distribution, but if more people than expected push to make the cut, great.


It’s a little ridiculous with the what we can get for what we can do there must be a few things in the ranks under 5000 or 10000. It’s like in the world the rich get richer and the poor get poorer


Do you really begrudge the rich and skilled their place to shine ?


I don’t bother much with this event, getting into the top ten is very difficult and as op said its the same names that appear in the top ten.
I used to give it a good go, but i struggled to stay in the top 3000, rewards were rubbish and it wasn’t worth it.
Which is a shame.
It does seem to me as someone said, the rich get richer and the poor… Don’t stand a chance.


My reaction on reading the OP is thus:

If I feel that it’s too much effort or cost to do an event, I don’t do it—or I do what I know I can reasonably complete without cost to me.

I don’t begrudge those names in lights every month…I know those names! Those are E&P Legends! I applaud them their efforts and do what I feel I want to do, and no more.

I don’t envision dragging them down and replacing them with others who haven’t spent the same time and energy to take those spots.

Just sayin’.


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