Balancing Ranvir

I beg to differ, just recently balancing was conducted on many heroes, Telluria, Vela, Atomos and Margaret to name a few.

Miki is the exact same way. Less power and no blind but only when the enemy has higher hp. So you just want him to be better than the other two?

Miki has no miss which makes him #1 for titans.

Ranvir with his miss and HP limitation make him useless where he can be utilised. Once you hit bosses once or twice the attack buff is lost so he only becomes a fast sniper. I have plenty of those.


That is why I am urging SG to stop buffing and nerfing heroes as it only shows how incompetent their staff in designing heroes. They should already be solid and fixed when released to the live game.

And as I have said, Ranvir is a better version of Wu Kong. They are best used against titans as they cant be relied on both offense and defense. You already have Miki as the best attack booster so why are you still asking to improve Ranvir? What’s next? Make Miki very fast?

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Nope. Just make Ranvir the 5* Wu Kong.

For challenge event quests where time and health matter for a better score it would be nice to have a legendary hero that fits the bill.
Hel - we have Proteus,
Wu - we have Ranvir (nope).
The HP limitation stops him being used.

Nope. I can’t vote for it. Sorry.

The HP limitation is a benefit - you won’t miss your damage on targets where the 185% buff makes it overkill.

Leave him be.

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I think he is fine as is.

  1. Ranvir is still good in a mono yellow stack against purple titans. He has element link which gives all holy allies +def vs Dark.
  2. He is extremely good for events if you are going for high scores in Legendary. The other option is Gazelle, but Ranvir will provide you with explosive scores.
  3. When you are ahead against your opponent during raids, you do not have to worry about your heroes specials missing. When you are behind, he still provides his comeback mechanic for you to roll the dice and hope.

he’s broken miss rate is more like 70%, biggest waist of mats…

No, I believe that would be a maxed Friar Tuck.


He is designed for Titan, not for raid or war.
Ranvir’s inaccuracy will cause you lose the battle…

I use him only for titan.

I don’t like to use him for raids because he can miss and mess up my stategy. As soon as I have someone more viable for my yellow stack he is booted.

Having said that however he does not miss 70% and if you can show 10 recorded videos where he misses 70% overall I will eat my underwear.

If he missed that much your titan hits with him would be lower than without him, and they are definitely not (as long as you know what you are doing)

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In my opinion Ranvir is one of the rarest legendarry champion ,hero which is not balanced he should be buufed he is 5 star legendary strongest in my héros, but he is so weak please make him buuf like sbears or more damage common other heros take almost 3/4of my life of my all champs and him do 1/3 and he shoyld be better than wukong common do something i beg you
Make balance

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Considering all the request to buff heroes lately… But no one even asked about ranvir in that time frame… Ranvir is such an after thought. It’s crazy.

Ranvir definitely needs some form of a buff. I think here was mentioned quite a few times in the hero buff thread that SG started recently: Hero buffs Needed - #37 by Suicide_Bunny and Hero buffs Needed - #107 by Da_Maier

I made one for him:

At least a pseudo-buff. It would make him much better to use :man_shrugging:. I still gotta use him anyway, but it never hurts to ask!


Seems disgraceful that bertulf does the job better at a 3* than ranvir as a 5*.

Oh my gosh… I’m in that thread… My search skills suck.

All good. I do all this on my phone, so I have trouble finding my own stuff sometimes because I don’t realize I fat thumbed something originally.

We should all have more important things to worry about anyway.


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